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Learning how to be Nuclear.

            Now on the Earth there was war. Not because people are evil, but because war
      is natural. It was all part of God's plan to purify the spirit of people by thermal nuclear war.
      God said let there be sunshine and the world was burned by radioactivity.
      Most of the people died. But, a few special people survived. They were chosen by God
      to live deep underground. And God said: "What is this I see?" and he sent the Angel Gabriel
      to investigate. When the Angel Gabriel came back he told God and said, "The people have
      finished making war. They are lazy and stupid."
              And God said, "Surely we can show these people how to behave. Now I must save
      them for they have escaped death. If they do not die they will never return to Heaven."
      So God sent the Angel Gabriel to bring a plague upon the last surviving people.
      But, a little group of people would not die. God was very angry, "Who has done this!
      Only God can live forever!" The Angel Gabriel said there was a little girl Zoe, who had
      the power to heal all suffering. God commanded the Angel Gabriel to smite her.
      The Angel tried to kill the little girl, but she would not die.
              And suddenly there was with the Angel Gabriel: Wisdom. Wisdom showed the
        truth about the immortal people. They had become invulnerable through natural selection.
        God had made another God. The Angel Gabriel knelt before the little girl and blessed her,
        "Blessed art thou amongst all women for you are God." "Over the masses sunshine is poured
        fourth. We live and grow in the sunshine of eternal radioactivity. Our bodies are translucent
        and our eyes see in all directions. We thank God for this new life." Zoe proclaimed to her
        people. And with a moment of spiritual fusion the Earth exploded. The people dissolved
        into pure energy and thought.+
              "You are dominated by wickedness! I will never let you return to Paradise!"
        God cursed the new God, "All things that have been composed shall decompose!"
        Zoe cried out, "We know that we have passed from death into life, because we love
        one another. He that does not love abides in death!" And the old God faded into the
        the radiance of a supernova.


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