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barbecue and friends
It is truely food for the soul,wether it be done with wood even gas but mainly charcoal.Done right with the proper ingredients there family fun friends and associates.It abount what goes into it just as much as who comes out for it.I can truely think of no better way to warm hearts on a hot summer day.Making many feel comfort and love,with the goodness we have been blessed with from above.There's always someone trying to do it all and be everything to all.Without a doubt this guy is the most blessed,that gal's answering the supreme call.As we all come out the rain stays at bay.Men women and children,the youth and the seniors crossing all divisions giving as well as getting love in a most sincere way.It's magical in a rae way unique to a grill and a well made fire.Coming so close to a divine experience coming so close as we aspire to inspire. I see soft green grass slightly trampled but standing tall.A lot of hey and whats up and how ya doing. I hear deep thoughts and tomfoolery thirsty soul and caring hearts and i think to myself what a wonderful world.For a moment i'm complete and have every thing i desire for my good health; how serendipitous? How precious the memories in and not of this world.
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