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The Diary of Old man James is an insightful take on the world from a Christian perspective
June 27, 2010

" Somethings never last, grandpa, that's why I just can't belive in this, it says we'll live forever but how are we sure that we will really live forever?" said, Jimmy.
The words rang through my head,again and again as I lay there on the bed, tossing and turning. "Why won't this generation belive?" I asked myself. "Poor Jimmy,what do they teach at school these days? The Kids of today won't belive something unless there is scientific evidence. Oh well, I can't force him to belive now can't I? I spent last night like this tossing and turning, asking my self why wouldn't he belive, but today was a new day, a new mission to acomplished.Or at least that's how I look at it. I was gardening, ripping out the weeds, when I saw a young lad of about 14, handing out bibles,preaching the word of God. I could only think of Jimmy and how wonderful it would be if he preached the word of God. Someday, Jimmy will be Preaching the Word of God I just know it. That's all that matters, for us to be saved. No matter how bad the Economy gets, or how many oil spills happen. If we're saved, we're ok, that's all that matters.
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