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by Flamer
Rated: 13+ · Other · Romance/Love · #1686206
One girl, two guys, secrets, vampires, werewolves, the Vare? What is happening the world?
Zanna’s P.O.V

I am finally fifteen, I thought, and year nine now. Omg I can't believe that I’m halfway through high school, but I also can't believe that I only just found out that I'm a foster child! Oh god, why, why, why me?

I’m walking to school and thinking about what I was told last week. I have always wondered why my last name was Akira and my parent’s was Calia. Last week was life changing, and I wouldn’t have found out if I hadn’t asked why my last name was different.


I walked in the door after my friend Aliana’s birthday party at Ice skating. It was fun as and nothing could spoil my mood, but I was so totally wrong. Aliana had asked me why my last name was different to my parent’s and I told her that I would ask when I got home. So I did.

“Mum, where are you?” I called out when I walked in. “I’m out the back!” She hollered back and I walked out the back door into the yard, the yard was very big and I have my room in the back corner, so cool, its black and electric blue on the inside. Totally mad.

Anyway, back to the yard, there is a little forest like area and there’s a massive in-ground pool too. Mum was over by the clothes line, hanging up my new clothes.
“What is it darling?” mum asked, “I was wondering why my last name is different to yours,” I said to her, “Well, it’s a long story so come over here,” she said as she directed me to a bench under this big tree and beside the pool.

“You’re old enough now to know about your family,” she was saying, “You guys are my family so what is there to know?” I asked, “A lot, now, be quiet so I can explain,” mum said, “Right,” I replied.

“I am not your mother, and dad isn’t your father. Your real parent’s are... well, they’re gone. When you were only one year old, your parents went to a party and you stayed at your Nan’s. But they didn’t come back. There was a bad accident on the road and they died instantly... You are a foster child, my foster child, I hope that this hasn’t changed your feelings to your dad and I because, remember, It takes a real mother and father to raise someone else’s child.” She finished.

“Oh... What a total shock... I can’t believe it... Wait, why didn’t you tell me ages ago?!” I was so confused that I landed a bit of stress on that last sentence. “We thought that you wouldn’t think of us as mum and dad anymore... We were scared that you wouldn’t accept that, no matter what, you are our child,” She replied, “Well it would’ve been nice to know and I sooo wouldn’t think like that either” I replied.

End of Flashback

I meet up with my friends that I haven’t seen since Ice Skating, which was in the holidays. I missed them so much; I have been so bored and so stressed.

“Hey guys, I got some news...” I said as I approached them, “Hey. What’s up Zanna?” Makayla asked, “Yeah, you sound confused,” Rayle said, “I’m a foster child! Mum and dad are not my real ‘rents! My real ones died in a car crash when I was only a year old...” I said sadly, “Oh come here!” Rayle, Makayla and Nea said at the same time and we had a group hug which made me feel so much better.

Oh, by the way, my friends are Nea, Makayla and Rayle. They all have long, straight, blonde hair like mine; we are all a lot alike which is awesome. It’s a girls-only group too, so no guys allowed! We are all best friends and ,even though we are alike in looks, we are totally different in style, likes and dislikes.

We started walking and all I got the whole way to school was sympathy, it was nice at the start but now it's getting pretty annoying. I hope that we are all in the same classes again. We haven't been seperated for years and this year, instead of one class for all subjects, it's a different class for each subject, totally scary.

Oh great, all my friends already have crushes and we only just got in the school gate! But I don't want to deal with love until I'm over the whole foster thing so I don't really care. And then the school bell goes... Wonder what classes I'm in!

Class has started and I am in a completely separate English class to my friends but in all the other classes, we are all together which is amazing. I don’t know anyone in my English class which I have right now. But there are two new guys I haven’t seen before, they were introduced by our English teacher Miss Bowes, she likes us to call her by her first name, Vanessa.

Their names are Daniel Kayle and Zane Peirce. Daniel has short, blonde hair with black tips and Zane has straight, black hair and two lip piercings. Daniel saw that I was alone and he sat next to me. We got talking and now I have accepted him into the group. The only boy in the group. I wonder what the girls are gonna say.

Wow, Zane is sooo cool! What the hell is this feeling? When I see him, my heart starts pounding, Oh great... I think I’m in love. Damn it! I don’t want to be. But I can’t help it. He is so popular already and it’s his first day at this school! Oh great... Here comes stupid Roxanna Welt. She is like a predator. She loves the quiet, clean guys so I won’t have to fight over Zane with her but maybe some other girls.

Hmm... She’s is coming over to me and Daniel. I think she might be after him. Well, he will be popular if they get together and probably totally forget about me. Damn, a new friend already gone. Wait a second, I should stop doing that. I’m always predicting stuff and believing that it’s already happened. Ok, shut up. Why did I just tell myself to shut up? What the hell is wrong with me? Ok, ok, ok, SHUT UP NOW. Phew, finally shut myself up. And Roxanna will be here in, three, two, and one.

“Hello Daniel! Welcome to this school, Starla High! Oh. And hi Zanna, anyway, I was wondering if you wanted me, the coolest girl in year nine, to show you around?” Roxanna said with her totally annoying voice, totally ignoring me, thank god. “Nah I’m right, I’m pretty sure that Zanna would take me around with her group,” Daniel said to my surprise, “Yeah of course I will,” I said, “What? You would rather go around with her than me? And I thought that you group was girls-only Zanna” Roxanna surprised, shocked more than I, “We have made an exception, anyway, we don’t really talk to many guys that even like us so it’s totally cool” I said with a smirk, I can’t believe he chose me over her! He must have a feeling that she is pretty overpowering and maybe he doesn’t like it.

At recess, I took Daniel over to the girls and they accepted him pretty fast, Nea was a little weird about it but she accepted in the end. I told the girls how he chose all of us over Roxanna and they flipped. We all told him the rules, showed him around and told him about Roxanna. I think he enjoyed himself. We all went to our favourite spot up the back of the school. There is very tall grass there and we have cut a path, which is hidden, to the middle of these big trees and in the centre is one of those Chinese-like weeping trees I think it’s called.

It took a while to get there but it was fun as. We all talked and talked and ate and talked some more. I am pretty sure that Daniel had fun. I have this feeling in my stomach about Daniel... I thought it was love or something but it is nowhere near how I feel about Zane. That reminds me, I haven’t told the girls about Zane yet.

“Hey guess what? Other than Daniel, there’s another new guy called Zane, totally emo I think,” I said, “hot or not?” Nea asked, “ten out ten if you ask me haha” I replied, “Awesome, I might hit on him, jokes, emo is so not my style,” Makayla said, “I hope your joking so mitts off! Haha” I said, “So you guys talk openly about this stuff in front of guys?” Daniel asked, “Well yeah, you can talk about girls too, we don’t mind!” Rayle said, “cool, I hope you don’t mind, the girl I like, I am pretty sure you hate...” he said, “WHO?!” We all screamed, “...Can I trust you guys?” He asked, “Of course, now spill!” we all yelled again, “... Roxanna...” he mumbled, “WHAT?!” we all screamed, “Roxanna,” he said in a louder voice, “We heard you, whoa, I don’t think you have a chance with that bitch,” Nea said, “Actually he has a good chance, I could tell that she is trying to get him in her trap,” I said, “Really?” he asked me, “positive,” I replied.

Daniel’s P.O.V
When she walked over, my eyes couldn’t stay off of her, and now the girls say that I have a chance with her? That’s strange, she is, like, one of the most popular girls in year nine and I’m just low on the scale, I’m nothing compared to her.

“Okay, there is one way to get her, she has her eye on you, bad, and whenever someone catches her eye, she won’t stop till she has them. So, at first, play hard to get, that will make her work for you, and then, surprise her by asking her out, easy” Zanna said to me. I wasn’t convinced, “Oh yeah, you say it’s easy but that is only because you don’t have to do it,” I said, “trust me, wink, wink, haha” she replied.

Then, we walked around to where Zanna said that Roxanna hung around, it was a quiet spot. Not really my style. I like more lively places, not like little social gatherings like this. They were all just sitting around.

At least, when I was with the other girls in the tree, it was way more lively, all of us talking, playing music on our phones, dancing, acting like total idiots, it was fun, a lot better that this.

“Hey guys,” I said to the group, “Daniel! Changed your mind about the other girls have you?” Roxanna replied, “No, just walking around with Zanna,” I said, hoping to get her a little bit jealous, “Well, fine. So, do you want to come with me to the music classroom? I have something to hand in and no one will come,” she asked me, “Sure, ok, whatever,” I replied. We started walking; Zanna waved me off and started to walk back to the other girls.

Zanna’s P.O.V

When he walked off with Roxanna I felt something strange again, like I shouldn’t have let him go off with her, wait a second... It’s gone. Strange. Well, I better get back to the girls so that we can get to our next class which was music with Mr Zammit. He’s a cool teacher, makes fun of people (playfully) and then we all make fun back. It’s awesome. But very bad when he is in a bad mood.

We are in the music block and Daniel walks towards us. “How did it go?” Rayle asked him, “Well, we have a date on Friday. And I have no clue what to get her, damn it,” he replied, “well... What about a necklace? One that has her name on it?” Nea suggested, “Yeah, that should do. We are going to a movie and then dinner so; I hope it goes well,” he said, “Good luck!” I said, and hope she hates you, I added in my head. Wait, why am I thinking that? I’m trying to help him! Shit, there’s that feeling again. Oh far out! STOP IT AND SHUT UP HEAD! Did I just tell myself to shut up again?

Something’s wrong with me. I better get to the nurse. Actually, no. I want to have music class; I don’t want to skip that! And ding, ding, ding! There is the famous boring school bell. Class time!

“Oh, we better hurry! We are still a few minutes from the classroom!” I said to the girls, “Hurry!” Nea replied, “RUN!” Rayle said, “I hate running... but I like PIE!” Makayla yelled. We all laughed and started running, we got there just before sir started calling out the roll. Phew!

Daniel's P.O.V

I got Roxanna a bracelet with her name on it, it was fake silver but hopefully she wouldn't notice since I'm not that rich. I didn't tell the girls where we were having our date because I knew that they would be there and they would probably trail us. We are going to the festival in town and it is only on once every six months. It's really good I heard. I hope Roxanna likes it since she suggested it.

Oh, my god. There she is. She looks hot but slutty. Me no likey. She is wearing a really short skirt that barely covers her bum and a short shirt that only covers her breasts. I never, ever though that this was how she looked outside of school, but I guess I'll have to deal.

She is walking over now, she only just saw me. "Hey baby, why are you wearing that?" she said as she looked me up and down. I was wearing a plain t-shirt with my favourite bands name 'Escape the Fate', obvisioulsy, she didn't like it. I was also wearing my black jeans. Which, in her group, is a no no. Ehh, she'll have to take me as I am or leave me. "Just something casual, what about you?" I replied, "Well, I actually take care to how I look thank you!" she retorted. This wasn't going to a very good start.

We walked down the street that the festival was on, all the guys were looking Roxanna up and down, more than guys did at school. I don't feel jealous somehow. Then I saw Zanna, by herself in teh background. I felt something seeing her like that. She was wearing a black top with Craig Mabbit on it, she was an Escape the Fate fan too aye? Cool, and she was wearing black jeans like me but hers had red flames coming up the sides, She looked beautiful like that, I like the emo styles and hate the slutty styles but I have to put up with the slutty style for today.

We then watched a performance and they picked out two girls from the crowd, Roxanna and Zanna. The stage performers got the girls to do a dance off, a different song each that the girls picked out, Roxanna picked the song 'Blah Blah Blah' by Kesha and Zanna picked the song 'It's Just Me' by Escape the Fate, I love that song.

The dance off began. First up was Roxanna, she got props put up, a chair in the middle of the stage, a pole near the chair and she got a guy to lay on a bed. I can tell that this dance will be pretty whore-ish no matter what. The dance started on the chair, showing off her bum and breasts (not flashing but close to it) after a minute of that she was on the pole, dancing like a pro pole dancer, hot but not. And then the bed. The guy and her danced dirty and at the end she pushed him away like it was a one-night stand. To me, she was horrible, to all the other guys, she was a goddess

Now for Zanna's turn. Her props were a row of tables with chairs to use as steps and aswell as dancing, she was going to top it off with singing. She started and she sounded great with that song, she looked great, at the start she slowly walked up a chair onto a table so that when she walked up, she was facing the crowd, then she walked along the tables in rhythm and her singing was amazing. Through a guitar riff, she started break-dancing, she was strong and calm, she was a natural when it came to screamo, post-hardcore, metal or rock music.

This was when all the guys realised what good dancing was instead of slutty. Zanna and Roxanna stood on the stage side-by-side, waiting for the votes (the people voted, I voted for Zanna).

"The votes are in folks! Both these girls danced amazingly but one decided to sing aswell, a good way to get more votes I think! Now here is Roxanna!" The man said and Roxanna stepped forward," And here is Zanna!" Zanna stepped forward shyly.
"The votes are in!" the man continued, "The winner is..... Drum roll please! ZANNA!!!!"

Zanna was shocked as she stepped up and recived a gold trophy. Roxanna was shocked to, she went 'Hmf!" and walked off stage straight ot me. Zanna looked jealous that Roxanna was with me which I didn't want Zanna to feel but Roxanna was jealous because Zanna won the crowd over a lot better.

After the Dance-Off, I saw Zanna again, she was looking proud, I went over to her while Roxanna was looking at a shoe stall that was at teh festival. "How's your date going Daniel?" she asked me, "Not so good, she looks like a slut too, me no likey," I replied, "I warned you! Haha, well you have to put up with her," she said, "Yeah and you were amazing in the Dance-Off," I complimented her, "Nah I wasn't too good, I still can't believe that I won!" She said, "Well, you had my vote!" I replied, "Daniel, lets go, and get away from that fake," Roxanna had come up to us, "Uh-" I tried to say somethin but Zanna cut me off, " See ya at school Daniel," Zanna waved and walked away.

I had that feeling again, my first thought of it was that I secretly liked Zanna, but that was different from what I feeled about Roxanna, completely different.

Zanna's P.O.V

I can't believe I won the Dance Off against Roxanna! I guess my singing did a lot. I wonder if I looked good or stupid? Well, I know that Roxanna looked like the whore she is, well that means both of us were being ourselves then haha. Well I'm going to school with my trophy to show my friends so this will be a fun day!

"Hey guys!" I said when I saw Nea and Daniel. Nea is usually pretty shy around guys, I guess having Daniel in the group has brought her out a bit now, "Hey my pro dancer, you beat bloody Roxanna!" Nea replied, Daniel must of told her, "Yeah I still can't believe it haha," I said, "I can believe, you were way better, you didn't look like a whore," Daniel said, "Don't talk about your girlfriend like that... But I agree," Nea said and we all laughed.

And then, bang, here comes Roxanna. Uh oh. "Hello Daniel, Nea and... Zanna.." she said in a bitter voice when she said my name, "Hi Roxanna," Daniel replied, "Hey biatch," Nea said in a low voice so that only I could hear her, "Don't you mean lil whore Nea?" I said to Nea in my lowest voice, but Roxanna heard me. Oh shit. "What was that Zanna? Are you calling me a whore?" Roxanna said, " Yeah and? You sure danced like one," I replied, "Well than, at least I got boys attention," she replied, "Why would you be seeking boys attention whille you have a boyfriend hm?" I replied, "Yeah?" Daniel said, "Daniel, you know I like you, don't make things so difficult okay?" Roxanna said and she walked away.

"Well, I didn't think you had it in you Zanna, haha you got her bad," Rayle said when I told her about it, it was just us two walking home, "Yeah well, I know this might sound crazy, but I think that Roxanna's cheating on Daniel,"I replied, "I totally believe you, I saw the way she danced at the festival, I was in the background, I didn't know that you were there! I was keeping an eye on Roxanna and Daniel haha," she said, "So was I haha," I said.

Now operation 's She?' is underway. I am going to trail her for a few days, starting now. It's after school and I don't have to be home until eight o'clock and it is now four, I have four hours to try and figure something out. Ah huh! There she is, she is walking through an alleyway, luckily filled with people so she won't notice me.

I followed her to this house, it wasn't her house, it's only a one story house, her's is a two story. I wonder whose house this is. Then Zane opened the door, kissed her on the lips and let her in. WAIT! WHAT? Zane? she's cheating on Daniel with Zane? That... He... Zane isn't her type! She never goes for people like that. This is really weird, I wonder how Daniel's going to take it.

I went around to the window were I though they might've been, I was hiding in a bush under ther window. And when I looked through, they were there, they didn't see me. They were to busy kissing. The window I was looking through was a bedroom window, most likely Zane's bedroom. I was starting to feel sick so I looked away, luckly I ducked down before they could see me. And with that evidence, I snuck away unnoticed. I was hurt. Zane. The guy I liked. Was making out with slutty Roxanna. Ouch. But Daniel would feel a lot worse because its his girlfriend there.

Once I was clear of the house I ran. I ran to Daniel's, I haven't been there before but I knew the street and house number. When I got to the adress that he gave me I walked up to the door and knocked. Daniel answered, he let me in, I wasn't as calm as I wanted to be, "You ok?" he asked me, "After what I tell you, you won't be ok.." I replied, "What?" he said, "Roxanna's cheating on you..." I replied. He froze. There was an arkward silence, he broke it, "But... How... Who?" he asked me, " Zane. Zane Peirce," I replied.

We both went into his room and I felt the feeling that I always feel whenever I'm alone with him or look at him a certain way. I wonder how Daniel is taking this.

"How are you taking this?" I askeed him, his eyes looked hurt,"I don't believe you," he replied, I was hurt more than I was when I saw Zane and Roxanna. Once he said that I walked out the room and out the front door, and ran again.

Daniel's P.O.V

Oh great. Zanna says that Roxanna is cheating on me. I didn't believe her when she told me. I think I hurt her when I told her that I didn't believe her. Oh crap. What can I do to make it up for her? I'm in deep shit now.

Daniel's P.O.V

"Why? Roxanna, why?" I asked Roxana, I had just caught her kissing Zane Peirce, "It didn't mean anything Danny," she replied, "Stop calling me Danny and you are such a liar," I said, "I'm not a liar," she said, "What's going on?" Zane asked, "I just caught you kissing my girlfriend," I said to him, "Wait... WHAT? But she's my girlfriend!" he replied, "Mine too, like I said, she is a liar," I said, "Roxanna? You cheating bitch!" Zane yelled at her, "What the hell is wrong with you? And by the way you danced at the festival, I'm guessing that you were showing off for more guys then?" I challenged her, "Um..." she said and then she got back on her bike and rode off.

"So... She is so dumped," I said to Zane afterwards, "Definately," he replied, "Zanna was right..." I mumbled, "Zanna? Isn't that the goth girl in our English class?" he asked me, "That's her, she tried to tell me that Roxanna was cheating but I didn't believe her..." I said, "Chloe tried to tell me that Roxanna was cheating as well," He replied, "Madeleine?" I asked, "She is my only friend at this stupid school," he said, "Only friend? Why don't you and Chloe come hang with me and the girls sometime?" I replied, "Yeah. That would be alright," he said.

We both said our goodbye's and I than headed to Zanna's house, I really need to say sorry to her for not believeing her. I think I really hurt her bad. I also got to tell her that Zane and Madeleine are going to join our group sometimes if it's ok.

I got to her house, "Hey Zanna.. It's me," I yelled, "What do you want?" she called back without opening the door, "I want to apologise, open up please?" I replied, she opened the door slowly, when I saw her face, I knew that she had been crying a lot.

"Zanna, I'm really sorry, you were right, I just caught Roxanna kissing Zane, I am truely sorry, " I said to her in her room, "...Well... Thanks..." she said, "So we're cool?" I asked, "We,re cool," she replied.

We walked out of her house and went down to the biggest shopping center around, four stories, with heaps of shops. It was the only thing I could think of on short notice to make it up to Zanna.

"So, where to first?" I asked her, "Supre!" she shouted and started running, I chased after her, and I caught her and picked her up, "Awwww you caught me! Meanie..." she said, "Haha, do you want me to put you in the garbage bin?" I teased, "No!" she replied and jumped out of my arms, nearly falling face first on the floor.

We got into Supre and looked around, see was lpoking at this hot shirt, "I would love to see you wearing that," I said cheekily, "Oh whatever!" she replied, she than slapped me and laughed. We were in their for ages, she bought this short, black shirt and black jeans with a chain that had a silver star dangeling off of the belt.

"Next?" I asked her, "City Beach!" she replied instantly, "Okay then, lets go," I said. It took a long time to get there because it was on the top floor. When we got there, she went straight to the skateboards. "Skater girl are you?" I said, "Hell yeah!" she said and she picked up a black skateboard with skulls on it. "This is mad! How much... Nevermind" she said, "How much?" I asked, "Seventy, wow," she replied, "Ouch" I said.

Than she went straight to the skate shoes. She picked up a black and electric blue pair, boys shoes but she didn't seem to mind. "How much for those?" I asked, "Twenty, that means I can buy them!" she said, picking up the box they were in.

She than went over to the clothes, she held up a black dress that comes just above the knees made from silk, it looked amazing. "I'm guessing you want it?" I asked her, "It's amazing, but its, like, a hundred bucks!" she said, deffinately disapointed, "Hey, I'll meet you in the cafe just over there, I will be just one minute, "Okay then," she replied and walked to the cafe.

Once she was inside and she was out of sight, I picked up the black dress and the skateboard with the skull on it. I went to the check-out, "A little present for your girlfried aye?" the cashier asked, "She isn't my girlfriend, but... She might be soon," I replied, I realised that I liked her, more than I did Roxanna, "Awesome, now that comes to a hundred and seventy dollars," he said, "Thanks dude," I said and walked out to meet Zanna in the cafe.

"Hey again, what were you doing anyway?" she asked me, "Take out what is in this bag," I said and I handed her the shopping bag with the dress and the skateboard, "Oh. My. God! Why did you do this? It all cost way too much! I can't accept it but thanks for the thought," she said, "Keep it, and I have one more thing," I got out a bracelet, it has engraved on it ' Will you be mine?' and handed it to her, I got it ages ago for when I wanted to ask a girl to be my girlfriend, "No, Daniel seriously, I love it all but-," she was saying but I cut her off, " read the engravement," I said and she read it, "Oh Daniel... Of course I will!" she said.

Zanna's P.O.V

I just got back home from the shops with Daniel. Like, OMG, he bought me the skateboard and dress that I really liked but couldn't afford it. He also gave me a bracelet that had engraved on it 'Will you be mine?'. Daniel said that the bracelet has been passed down through about four of his family generations. I can't believe that he likes me, I realised that what I felt when I was alone with him, was what I first guessed.

I was getting ready for school when there was a knock on the front door. I opened the door and it was Daniel. "Hey Daniel," I said, "Sup Zanna, guess what I got?" he replied, "What?" I asked, "Two tickets to the next concert in the city... Escape the Fate! And here is your ticket," he said,"Oh my god! Thank you so much! I wanted to go to one of their concerts for ages!" I said, accepting the tickets.

I hugged him tightly, he hugged back. Then I kissed gently on the lips and stayed like that for a little while, as our mouths opened the kiss became more instense and heavy, I loved it, the fireworks went off in my head like I wanted when I kissed someone I truly loved. We kissed on my front porch for a few minutes and when we stopped, Daniel leaned and whispered in my ear, "I love you..." and I said, "I love you too..."

We walked to scchool, hand-in-hand, talking non-stop. Every now and then there would be a silence but it wasn't awkward, this silence was golden, for a minute I could tell what he was thinking, he thought that I was beautiful and way better then Roxanna.

Then we sat down on a bench outside the school grounds, there was no one in sight. We kissed again, he kissed my forehead at one stage, his neck near my mouth, I kissed his neck and then... I bit him deeply and drank his blood, his blood was like a drug to me, but when I realised that I was drinking his blood, I tried to stop, and somehow I found the Will power to stop. He then fainted with my bite marks in his neck. I was scared as hell. What did I do?

was so scared, I dragged him into the deserted alleyway and called mum. "Mum? Mum! Quick, get to the alleyway NOW! I need you, like, fast, please mum please!" I said as she picked up, "Honey? What's wrong?" she sounded worried, "Tell you when you get here, HURRY!" I yelled into the phone adn hung up.

I checked Daniel's pulse and it was fine, thank god. I made sure that he was breathing, which he was. What am I? Vampires aren't real... Are they?

The blood still flowed from his neck, I ripped a bit of my shirt and put it over the wound like a bandaid. Then I heard mum's voice.

"Darling? Honey, what's wrong?" she said, "Daniel... I... The blood..." I stumbled, "You bit him? Come on we must get him to the Medical Center down the road and fast!" mum said, "Oh, what are we going to tell them? I'm a vampire and I bit him?" I said, "This Medical center knows about vampires as the docters are vampires that help them and humans," she explained.

"You... You are... Well, I guess I have found another one of The Vare then," said a voice behind me, I turned around, "Madeleine? What the hell? What are you talking about? What's The Vare?" I asked, stunned," The Vare are five born vampire with incredible powers, they have been seperated over the years and it is my job to get them back together, well, I have found one, I am a Vare too," Madeleine replied, "Um... Lets get Daniel to the Medical Center," I said, what was she talking about? I have so many questions but now is not the time.

We called the Medical Center and they sent out a ambulance, with a vampire driver of course. We explained what happened when we got there and they treated Daniel immediatly. There was some bad news though. Daniel... Is going to wake up... As a vampire. And it's all my fault. Does this mean that we will live forever?

"Zanna, your birthday is coming up soon, is it not?" the docter asked, "Yes, this friday," I replied, 'Well, that will be the day that you become a full vampire... And so will Daniel," he said, "Daniel... Wait, when we become full vampires... Will we live forever?" I asked, "Yes, you will, and since you have bitten him, you two are connected and always will be, forever," he replied, "Um... Can someone tell me... About the Vare? And about my real family?" I asked.

"Honey... Your mother and father were... They were killed, I'm sorry, but by Vampire Hunters, and The Vare... They are the most strongest vampires, the naturally born ones, there are only five of them at a time, and they all will play a part in... In the great war of vampire and vampire hunter to come," My mum said. War? What could I do? More importantly, what will become of Daniel? Will he be alright?

We stayed at the center till morning, just me, mum and Madeleine. Waiting for Daniel to awake... As a vampire.

"He is starting to wake, Zanna, come in so that your the first person he sees," the doctor said, "OK" I replied as I walked nervously into the room he was in. I was scared of what I was going to see.

"Z...Zanna?" Daniel said when I walked in, "Yes Daniel, it's me, how are you feeling?" I asked him, "My senses are stronger than usual and what the hell happened? I remember us kissing but nothing after that," He asked, "I...You... Um... I am part vampire and... I bit you, that is why your senses are sharper and stronger," I replied, "Vampires? Really? Ha ha that's funny, no seriously?" he said, he didn't believe me, "It's true, you are a vampire now, and... But you're not a full vampire, but you will be on my birthday, we are bound together, forever now, and... we will have eternal life and once we are full vampires, our appearances won't change, and if you have any questions, ask the docter, he's a vampire too," I said, hoping that he believed me.

Madeleine and the docter walked in and they checked Daniel out. "That's strange... He has the vampire senses and strengh but he doesn't have fangs, strange..." the docter said, "Wait a second, Zanna, lean down to Daniel," Madeleine said.

I lent down as she told me too, now what? "Ok, now drink his blood," she said, "What? Why?" I asked, "Just do it," she demanded, "Oh... er ok," I replied. I bit him again, but I was in control this time, not like yesterday, and something was different this time, whoa! What the? I can see images, but I can't make them out, it's all a blur, what the hell? I stopped drinking his blood, it was amazing and fresh but the images concern me, what did it mean?

"Did you see any images?" Madeleine asked me, "Yeah... But I couldn't make it out, it was like a massive blur" I replied, "That... That's why he doesn't have fangs! He is one of the Vare but... He was human, something is very wrong with this picture, Daniel, open your mouth, " she said, stunned, he opened his mouth and then a set of fangs were forming, his top two canine teeth grew into strong fangs, "There they are! Yoou have your fangs, now that they have come through, you can make them go to normal canines or strong fangs whenever you chose. But one thing, no one must know about this, not even your family and friends, not a soul, if this gets out, the hunters will be after us," Madeleine made him promise not to tell a single peron that isn't a vampire.

"So... Um, Madeleine, lets go talk in the meeting room, and leave them here to talk," the docter said, "Right," she replied. They walked out the room. It was just us two, alone.

"What the hell is happening Zanna?" Daniel said as soon as they were gone, "I don't know, I'm as confused as you are, If you have questions, it would be best to ask Madeleine," I replied, "I feel like blood right now... Anything to eat around here?" Daniel said, "Your real vampire senses are starting to kick in now aye? You want something to eat? Come on then, I want to know what it feels like ot get bitten by another vampire," I said in a flirty voice, "Ok then" he replied in a hot as voice.

I laid down on the bed that he was on and put my neck near his mouth. He grew his fangs and bit me gently, it was amazing, then he stopped and I bit him playfully on his neck and then we were kissing one second, feeding the next. It was a happy feeling and when we stopped, we were both exhausted but happy. I smiled a sexy smile and then we both fell asleep in each others arms.
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