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a pro personal perspective to love and women
  They are people you can't do without, yet you know and accept they can kill you (i mean literally). They can make you smile and also make you cry at the same ratio. They tell you that you are in control but you know its a lie, yet you don't mind. With them, you think you found the perfect moment and living it, but at the other end which their whimps and semantics would not let you see, is a lot of destruction going on. They can let you be the man you want to be or leave you helpless as a child.
    They can overwhelm you with love, their love might not change. They will keep you wondering and guessing but they are yours as they stays. They can make your day and they can take it all away and whether its wrong or right, you know before the end of same day, they will do it all over again.
    ''It is for an utopian misconception they are created. Because when man was created, he was created into a perfect place at his level of understanding''.
    You don't really know what it is, but it drives you crazy. When fully into it is one of the few instances where you loose control. Its unlike you and it bothers you not, you seem confused and perplexed yet you are liking it. Therfore you are abetted by it. You hardly accept change, but you unsuprisingly did not question this one. It is the best welcomed feeling/change in your life.
    To you, its unarguably the strongest power since it can make you laugh when you want to cry.
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