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by JARuiz
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A PoJack from Sarah Jones
Well man, oh man
This goes out to all the believers
From Afganistan to Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hong Kong all the way back around to Kyoto
Struggling to make our voices heard
In this wave of unholy union
And conformity to the faddish everyday style
And to Sarah Jones
It's all about the respect from me
We are both in the same struggle together
I salute you whole heartedly

This revolution has destroyed us all
This revolution has destroyed us all
This revolution has destroyed us all
Destroyed us all
Destroyed us all

The real revolution isn't about who you sleep with
The clothes you wear
Or the drugs you abuse
And even though MLK is burried and molded in the Earth
His words stand strong with some supposed intellectuals
This revolution will never become what he wanted it to be
This revolution will not tie me down or tear me up
This revolution isn't a revolution at all

This revolution will not find me face down dead and cold
With the shells that made love to me
You know, from their pimp held by his higher power
That's right I said from their pimp held by his higher power

This revolution will not be about smackin' up "tricks"
Her suckin' our dicks, or killin' this "bitch"
It won't take you around town with a self-conscious image
Because that revolution is not a revolution at all

A revolution should be about progressing and moving forward
Not regressing and slipping back into insanity before we started
And this revolution will not be about "this nigga this" or "my nigga that"
That is not a revolution
That will be our greatest downfall
It is becoming the apocalypse coming knocking on the door
What ever shall we do?

I make my change and treat others with respect
This revolution has destroyed you all
This apocalypse has torn my heart in half
I fire away at those ignorant enough to believe this is a revolution
This is not a revolution
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