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My personal grief at parting ways from someone integral to my life
Strangers though we might now be,
Not so long ago,it seems to me,
We shared every sorrow and glee,
Every dream which sets us free.

Together through thick and thin,
Through the loss and the win,
When rain drenched us to the skin,
When sun set our heads to spin.

I wonder if it was me,
Something unsightly you can't see,
For no reason have i from thee,
Which made you turn away and flee.

The seasons would slowly change,
And life would rearrange,
But my mind will be in its cage,
Sorrow slowly turning to rage.

The grasses will still be covered with dew,
The seas may still change its hue,
The skies would glow mystical blue,
But they'd never be the same again without you.

Though it hurts me like a dart,
I always knew our ways had to part.
Though you were the beat of my heart,
But you and i just grew apart.
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