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Come and find me
cause I'm tired of hiding
and I'm tired of crying
no more closed doors
and no more empty places
or broken hurts left to curl on the floor.

I'm not that girl you broke
the one who hid from flowers
i'ts not me you see
I'm tired of pretending
come and find me
you'll try to play that game we used to play
but you'll be too late
I shattered the pieces.

shake me
take me
hate me
but you'll never break me
you are nothing
and I am everything

don't unsheath your sword
it only cuts the air
blood might spill it's true
but I found the healing clot

tears may fall
but everything dries
and everything dies
and everything is born anew

I'll dance among dead flowers now
celebrate their life and embrace them in death
don't flinch away, they were beautiful once
but death escapes no one
the lucky ones live again
one day everything is born anew.

the meaning of Spring
a new life
a new beginning
the meaning of me
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