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One of my very rare attempts at poetry. It speaks for itself.
Once, I was lost upon the turbulent seas
         Believing that my compass led me astray
                   Yet just over the horizon lay peace
         Your beauty and love simply blew me away

I found the one whom I cannot live without

         Our passion led us down an uncertain road
                   Yet fear and uncertainty within you began to sow doubt
         Baby, believe me when I say that I can handle the load

Baby, I beg you to open your heart and trust me

         I hurt and grieve for your sweet love lost
                    My love is true and comes with no fee
         Turmoil frightens you… but at what cost?

Now you are lost upon the turbulent seas

         Your spinning compass leads you astray
                   You need not go to the horizon to find peace
         For what you seek is here before you today

I am the one whom you cannot live without

         The future is and always shall be an uncharted road
                    Take a chance and cast away that insidious doubt
         Trust in me, for without your love I fear my heart will implode

I love you always… be lost no more
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