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He's looking and looking. Straight. At. Me.
My legs are shaking
My teeth are chattering
My nails are bitten to the quick

My foot won't stop kicking
My nose won't stop twitching
My fingers have minds of their own!

Does my hair look alright?
Are my teeth really straight?
Did I smudge my lipstick on the bus?

Uh-oh, he's looking
Darren Feller is looking
Looking and looking at me

What do I do?
What do I say?
Oh no! He's moving this way!

Do I look away?
Or do I stay?
Oh gosh, why'd it have to be today?

Is that smile for me?
I'll smile back, oh wait, looks like he wants more

Take in a deep breath
Smooth my hands on my jeans
Oh, what does that look mean?!

I must do the thing I never had the courage to do
'Cause Darren Feller is looking
Looking and looking
Straight at me

I'll suck in my gut
Put a smile on my face
"Hey Darren, how was your day..."
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