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About what He really is about and the truth of one particular angel.
The Test

It has been a long time since I have had the slightest glimpse of the light from the mighty Kingdom I once walked upon. The sun does not shine here, but the light from the embers, ash and sizzling sinned flesh is the street lamps of this undercity. Monsters and my fallen kin walk these molten streets and torture those damned to this place; those of lies and deceit, of deep hatred and wrath, those greedy and betraying, those wicked and black-hearted. I look down at these busy streets and pity all those who walk it. My kin, whose wings have long since burned to the very muscle and bone, take their rage against Him, and release it on His unforgiven children. I watch my siblings terrorize and mutilate these humans beyond measure, impaling them through large granite spikes, trapping them in nailed shut coffins while throwing them in hells endless fire, drowning them in a river of excretement, tearing their bodies apart slowly and after all this, reshaping them to do it all again. And to see these unintelligent and insignificant humans faces as they realize what true fear and pain really is, and the screaming from true agony, would bring tears to my eyes. But it is His will. He gave man and angel alike, free will and that is his number one test.

That’s all existence is for both beings: a test. Men know what is to come if they have committed their life to treachery and sin, and those who do, fail him. As for angels, our only reason of existing is to serve Him and Him alone. Some stray from the path and decide to be their own God, thus failing the test, and in attempt to overthrow Him, or apotheosize themselves to equal ranking, are sentenced an eternity in hell.

In The Kingdom, we are categorized into choirs, each choir is assigned different duties: being a guardian angel, relaying messages from Him, to bring thoughts and ideas to people, bringing and monitoring elemental balance on earth, to be His eyes and document all sins performed, conducting the plagues when He lost hope in humanity and a countless many more. Among these choirs, I belonged to the archangels, the highest of all choirs. He announced to the choir he was to choose one angel to perform a duty only the strongest could carry out. He summoned me to his throne. When I arrived, He told me my duty, as well as my test.

He first simply stated that he needed me to complete his concept of dualism. He explained that in order for humans to obtain free will, there had to be temptation in the equation. Without the opportunity for man to fail His test, there’s no opportunity to succeed in gaining passage into the Kingdom.

After Eve ate the forbidden fruit and gained the knowledge of the difference between good and evil, god found that he would have to confiscate the couples’ immortality and create places for the after lives of both Adam and Eve and all there offspring and all their bloodline.  He decided all people of good heart will be sent to the Kingdom, for he couldn’t fathom any place better, and for those of married to sin were sent to a place He made below the earth, a place that only destruction, ruthlessness and despair could construct; The place of His wrath and venom.

And my Test, to rule over this Underworld. I took it as an honor. I was the highest of these angels, the Morning Star, and only I can withstand this responsibility, and will wait, even till the End-Time, for me to walk the marble halls and shine once again. His will is done.

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