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by rl
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To my Love, after 56 years
Beauty came in the guise of innocence
And wrapped her arms around our youthful days
Until the lust we recognized as love
Became the song we sing today.

I remember it well.

The grass was smooth and soft beneath our feet
And days were long enough that nights had only
Time enough to cool, and cover our passions.
And love came easily, like apples in a laden orchard,
Easily plucked and delicious but now indistinguishable
As birds flying in flock, flitting and sweeping,
So all blend together and become the whole.

Still we remain, you and I, lovers
Regardless the accumulated years.
No evening finds its heaven filled with stars
More faithfully inclined - maybe the language
Of an unknown tongue can answer why, or,
Perhaps, the reason lies in the silence
Of a falling snow.
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