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Lots of us probably have this 'terrible' habit. Or maybe its just me... But is it bad?
Is stalking wrong?
      I have a terrible habit. I obsessively compulsively facebook-stalk people. Don't get me wrong, I'm, not one of those wierdos who will stab you in the ribs with a knife, screaming, if you don't get a restraining order put on me. I just stalk people when I'm bored. Like anyone else would watch T.V., if they were bored. But whether or not I stalk people is not the issue in question. The question is, is it wrong?
      Mostly my friends who know about this think I'm nuts. If I were to ask them, they would probably say something non- committal and diplomatic, like ' if my online stalking turned into actual physical stalking', it would be wrong. And since I know for a fact that I would never physically stalk someone, I would be temporarily reassured. But why in my mind, do I consider actually stalking somebody so much creepier than doing it online? Maybe because of the effort involved in doing so. The effort in actually stalking a person would be much, much more, indicating a much deeper obsession. A creepy obsession. Doing the same online is so much easier.
      Or maybe it is because of the possibility of being caught. In real life being caught stalking somebody would be painfully embarrassing. Online, you mostly can't get caught. But that would mean that deep in my mind, I don't think real life stalking is wrong at all, but I'm simply too scared of being caught.
      What would my reaction be if somebody was stalking me? In real life, I would be terrified. Online, I would merely be slightly apprehensive if I didn't know the person, and might even be flattered if it was someone I knew. Because, I at least stalk interesting people who I know, or have heard of.
      Honestly, I don't suppose online stalking is that bad. It's just a harmless form of entertainment.
                                                                        Signing off, 'Confused'.
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