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A theory on hatred and why people should learn not to hate one another.
So hate, it's a strong and thought-provoking emotion. Alot of people may think that it doesn't take much to hate a person, when in actual fact hate takes much more emotional energy than it take to show or feel love for a person.
Theoretically speaking, if you really hate someone that much and you don't want them in your life or in your head then why waste your time and energy thinking about how much you hate them? Why not just block them out of your life and forget them? Many of you are probably thinking now, "well I'm sure she has people in her life that she hates" and yes well you are correct up to a certain extent.
Over the past few years I have had many people enter my life, trying to disrupt a peaceful disposition and throughout it all I just kept thinking that these things are sent to try us and they happen for a reason. Yes of course I wished they wouldn't be around and I despised the fact that they were there but I have learnt to overcome the feelings of hate. It took time, I'll admit that, but it was genuinely worth it because I feel happier now knowing that yeah there are people out there who I'd rather not think about and people who I wish I could hate but I know myself that it's not worth the negative energy to waste on people who don't deserve your thoughts and emotion. This negative energy could be used elsewhere and made into positive energy to put towards those you love and cherish :)
I mean what's the point lying awake at night thinking about the person you despise? Why not make your thought about whom you love and that person who you can't get out of your head?
I understand people have their own personal and particular reasons for hating a certain someone but they need to ask themselves "is it worth me putting energy into my thoughts when I couldn't care less about them?"

I hope this will help you the next time you think about spitting those 3 words in someone's face, "I hate you" is a powerful saying but nothing beats the good old cold shoulder or silent treatment the next time someone has beef with you!!
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