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My sincere and honest views on what I believe the meaning of life is.
"What is the meaning of life?" is a question often asked, many people when asked are dumbfounded and cannot answer. But I believe entirely that this question does not have just 1 straight-forward answer. It can be answered in many different ways, and this is due to the people you are asking are all different. They could be different races, religions, languages, ages, sex and have different beliefs and views on the world in general. These people are dissimilar to one another and so their answers will all be contrasting.
In my eyes and head I regard this question as a philosophical question concerning the purpose and significance of existence in general. So why are we here? What is our purpose of being here? What significance do we have living here? These are some of the questions germane to the meaning of life and well, there are many answers but only we can answer this question ourselves. There is no point asking someone else like your parents, teacher or friends what the meaning of life is because only you can answer this for yourself. No meaning of life is the same, we were all put on this Earth for some reason and purpose and only we can find out what that reason is. Whether it is to be a doctor, writer, singer or a parent. Only you, yourself will know the answer.
At this stage I am only 15, so the world is still a big place to me. I haven't seen the places I'd love to see yet or got to where I want on the academic level but at this time I'm seeing the world through an open vision. I'm the type of girl who likes to find things out for herself and doesn't take note of what other people say. So no, right now I do not have the answer, but I know when I've lived my life to the full I will then know what the meaning of life is.
Now I see the meaning of life as how you live your life, the people you associate with, the way you choose to act and behave and overall the things you enjoy doing.
After all, you only live once, so make it worthwhile.
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