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The warnings are clear. Why can't we learn to listen?

The polar bears are losing ground, drought is record breaking,
and yet some people still contend that scientists are faking
the claims they make about what in our future lies.

We could pretend that all of this is really nothing new.
That change has happened many times and now the time is due.
It's time that we acknowledged what's right before our eyes.

We know that temperatures affect the earth from sky to sea.
We know that we are losing ground with every new degree
as habitats are changed and species adapt or die.

Miles and miles of glaciers have retreated from our view
and coral shelves around the world have died and won't renew.
That all of this is linked to warming trends is no surprise.

Occurrences of major storms are seen more frequently.
Every year we see them form with more intensity.
We need to face the truth or face our own demise.

It doesn't take an act of faith – the proof is all right there.
You see it in the earth itself, the seas, and in the air.
The damage that we're doing is enough to make you cry.

It's time we took a stand - pointing fingers is a game.
If we don't take action, then we're the ones to blame.
There will be no future. All that's left will be "goodbye."

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