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Teri Jensen is perfectly normal, what could SHE have to hide?
Unlike the naturally normal people, I never wanted a life worthy of a storybook. I never wanted to be a princess or an heiress or have a "one in a million" life. But here I am. Here you are, reading about my life. This was inevitable. Unavoidable. I am not the one you want to be reading about; I am merely the narrator for the others. The others that have all gone our separate ways. I do not know if they carry with them the same memories that I do. Do they wake up every morning wondering what I am doing, as I do for each of them? For that I have no answer. I only know, that I do.
My name was Teresa Jensen. Up until my first day of school (which wasn't until fifth grade) that was my name. Then, I changed it to Teri, in order to blend with the other---much cooler---girls in my class. But the name stuck. Teresa was thrown out the door---along with my previous fashion styles. With my name brought new friends, new clothes, and a new personality.
However, by the end of eighth grade, my friends had dumped me, I'd outgrown my name brands, and I'd slunk back to my old ways. It was then that I was exposed to the real world; the inevitable period of my lifetime had snuck up behind me as stealthily as a pickpocketer in New York City. I met my friends and we did stuff.
We cannot change the past, we may only keep it hidden in the darkest parts of our hearts. Our past is something unchanging, inevitable, like the events to come.
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