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Amethyst's most horrid memory is graphically retold as she relives her sister's murder.
         Amethyst leaned in hesitantly. She resisted the constant urge to look over at her sister. Becoming aware of Xylina’s scream of horrific terror however, however, she wrenched herself from the trance holding her. Whirling around Amethyst knew she was too late. Hands clamped down on Xylina’s lips silencing her shriek. Amethyst stood frozen, unable to reach out, unable to call for help, or do absolutely anything to save her sister. Her eyes were transfixed by the scene before her.

         Another set of colossal fingers reached out from the total blackness to bind Xylina’s arms. Xylina’s diminutive hands were harshly tossed into ropes, and Amethyst saw the dread clearly visible on her sister’s angelic face. The hands bluntly relinquished her, and the tiny girl collapsed to the linoleum.

         Amethyst scanned the room, but could not see anything except for Xylina. Xylina’s body had a vague luminescent glow. It was only a glimmer and the only light in the black room. Amethyst was oblivious of the hands’ whereabouts, but impulsively and protectively, she ran towards her sister.

         Time seemed to slow down. In a horrifying flash Amethyst saw the pleading “No” in her sister’s eyes. Then Amethyst felt the hands seize her and yank backwards. As Amethyst found her voice, she howled and flailed all her limbs, feeling as if she snapped several in the process. Then she saw the weapon. Gaining ground silently toward her sister was the gleaming silver blade.
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