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There are carbon 14 tests dating the pendulum in use as far back as 8,000 years.
The pendulum has been around since ancient times. There are carbon 14 tests dating the pendulum in use as far back as 8,000 years. The pendulum has seen use by the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Hebrews, and many civilizations through 2010.

The term for pendulum usage has many names: radiesthesia; magnetic fields, electro-magnetic fields (EMFs), radiational physics, and the most common; pallomancy (means divination by using a pendulum).

Pendulums are easily made using an ordinary ring and thread or a cork with a sewing needle stuck in the middle. An ordinary button tied to a length of sewing thread can also be used. Of course, there are always the store bought pendulums.  Most professional pendulumists suggest using a wooden or amber pendulum. If you prefer to purchase your pendulum, let the pendulum choose you. Just pay attention to which pendulum feels the best to you.

Now you have your pendulum. It is time to program it. On a piece of paper draw an intersecting horizontal and vertical line so they form a cross. With just your thoughts, make the pendulum move in a to and fro along the vertical line. You should be able to do this after a few tries. This to and fro movement will be your starting position.

Many pendulum users will not start a session without using the “Start” position. From the start position, will the pendulum to rotate in a clockwise motion. This will be your “Yes” position. After you have mastered the “Start” and “Yes” positions, will your pendulum to rotate in a counter-clockwise motion. This is your “No” position. The complete process should not take more than two days.

Good for you. You now have programmed your pendulum and are probably anxious to get started. Ready? Here you go. Get your pendulum to swing vertically in the “Yes” position. You can proceed by speaking aloud or under your breath to your pendulum. Tell the pendulum your name. Then ask the pendulum if your name is __________. The pendulum should begin to swing in a clockwise motion. Now ask the pendulum if your name is __________; make up a name that is not yours. After the pendulum has answered your question by swinging in a counter-clockwise motion, tell it to return to the “Start” position. After the pendulum returns to the “Start” position, thank the pendulum and carry it in a pocket with you so it will be available at a moments notice.

That’s all there is too it. Enjoy your new found knowledge and have fun.

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