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Rated: E · Sample · Action/Adventure · #1689313
Sample of a dramatic entry into a door.
The door was unattractive at best. It hadn't been cared for in years. The last coat of paint was apparently red, but on most of the door was either faded or scraped off. The upper right side of the door was badly warped from being pried open numerous times for unlawful intentions. The lock on the door was still functional, but since it was put on backwards, a slotted screwdriver was all that was needed to bypass it's function. The sign on the door was just as unuseful, although it clearly stated, 'see manager for key'.

The steps down to it looked treacherous. They were half covered with a thin coat of algae, perhaps being somewhat thicker near either end of each step. Only one of the steps was cracked and seemingly half missing.

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