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by Lance
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Have you ever felt that some outside force was trying to tell you something? This is why.
Some call it destiny, some call it god, some say it's the will of the universe, and some don't believe it exists. Whatever name you want to give it, it all amounts to the same thing. Something is speaking to us. This is the Message.

Have you ever witnessed something inexplicable? Have events ever seemed to conspire for or against you. Have you ever been absolutely sure of something, only to have it unravel at the end. Men rail against their creator saying God is against them. They hide in ritual to keep the devil at bay. They blame a curse or they curse their luck, they believe that something else must have interfered. why else would such improbable things happen? They may be right, but it is not the events themselves that matter. That's what people get wrong. When a man gets a flat tire on his way to work on the same day he has the big presentation he thinks that it was divine spite trying to keep him from success. It's not spite. It's the Message.

Any sailor, surfer, skydiver or weather vein knows what it's like to be pushed by a force around you. For them it's the wind, but for the message everything in the world is its medium. A cloud blocking the sun in just this way, or a flower blooming in that one exact place, or the girl sitting the the cool summer shade admiring a flower just as you happen to be passing by, these could all be part of the message, which in this case might be talk to this girl. Any little bump, ever interaction could be part of an individuals message, though admittedly most are not. If you want to discover your message you have to look for the patterns, for the repeated themes in your life. Do you see the same girl everywhere you go, are you always getting mixed up in a bad crowd, do you catch every red light every time, do dogs bark at you but only when you where orange, does it always rain whenever you try to play a sport? if you can learn to see these patterns you might be able to discover your message. But just what is a Message?

There are those that believe that every individual has a destiny. They believe that we are all going to do what God planned for us to do. They believe that we live in this destiny and even as we try to resist it we are fulfilling it. This is true, sort of. It's not a destiny every man has, but a message. The Message is not a duty or a destiny. Neither the fate of the world nor the balance of good and evil is dependent on fulfilling the message. It is a choice.

In simplest words it is the one thing that a person has to do to be happy in his life. Think of it as a gift from a parent. It's the night of your first date and you father offers the car keys to you. Do you take it, or do you take a taxi? In this case you of course will take it, but the message is never that obvious. There is no father there handing you the keys. Instead we hear the world and all the noise in it and in that cacophony we have to find out individual message. It is not easy. The majority of the world never realize there is even a message to be heard, but we all know people who have heard their message and have chosen to take the car. They say it's a calling.

Now one's happiness is not dependent on the message. If the child refused the car and went on his date he would probably still have a good time. The girl will still kiss him and their relationship will begin. happiness is achieved without the message, but one can not say what might have happened if he took the car though. Many more good things could have happened, or many bad.

The message for many people are the same. The most common one is, "be fruitful and multiply." A wise man once said that all human endeavor was geared towards sex. He was right, mostly. In this way the world has kept turning since the beginning of man and most people don't even realize that they have followed their message. Then there are the doctors, soldiers, policemen, pilots... men whose message is different from the rest. They are called to a lifestyle, to be something that they want and that the world needs. Such is the way of the message. It not only gives the recipient what is best for them, but it also says what is best for the world.

Of course there are other types of messages. These are more obscure than the ones we are accustomed to. The most well known examples are the prophets and saints, though there are many more examples we don't realize. These are called to be messengers and they are not limited to those who speak for gods. the teacher who speaks of the importance of education, the scientist who decries animal testing, the editor who encourages his staff to root out corruption, these are messengers. They do not necessarily do, but they encourage other to achieve just like the saints encouraged the masses to a divine standard. That is what it means to be a messenger.

Stranger still are those whose message is very exact. It is very possible that a man could be called to do one thing for a single moment. Like the boy who saw a whole in the dam and stuck his finger in it. What fame and happiness he may achieve afterward is unimportant to the message. What was important was that the boy be there to plug the hole. This is what most call destiny and it is the second rarest message that exist.

The rarest kind of message are the complete opposite from the boy and the dam. These are the messages that are intentionally vague. Usually the discovery of one's message is a great occasion. To know ones message is to gain power over oneself. To learn another's message is to gain power over the world. However this rarest of messages seldom offers any clarity in its discover. For example a person's message could simple be look up. This kind of message could lead a person to be an astronomer, astrologist, meteorologist or to just waste his days looking at clouds. What people get wrong is that they think one of the four options above is right, is destiny and the others are wrong. Such is not the case. None are wrong, and none are really right. As long as the man is looking up he is answering his message. It does not matter the how, only that he does.

For many years now I've had an inkling of what my message was, but recently I've noticed that it's gotten longer, and what it's telling me scares me. I have seen the same things happen over and over and over again as though my life were a crazy reality show and the producers were giving me the same clue over and over and over again. I tried to ignore it, tried to tell myself that it was ridiculous, that the idea of some force trying to communicate was insane, and it trying to communicate with me impossible, but things have happened recently that has convinced me to stop being so stubborn. Even so, I am so scared of my message that I wrote this to rationalize it. to convince myself that I'm being stupid or at the very least that I'm not that special. The more I wrote though the more it made sense. The less I was able to deny it. I did some research and now I'm convinced that I'm not the only one receiving this message. There are others but I don't think they have realized it, not the way I have at least. That's why I've decided to finally put this online. That and because of the second part of the message I have recently been hearing. To share one's message is to make oneself vulnerable, but I feel that I need to take the chance, and it is a big chance that anyone will even see this. my message:

Be Ready. It's Coming.

If this means anything to anyone else out there, keep it to yourself. I don't want to know. And for the rest of you, I hope this has urged you to seek out your own Message.
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