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Item #168959
Members May Rate and Review Rateable Items

If you are logged into your account, you are able to rate any rateable item on this site. We encourage our members to send feedback for any rateable item that they read. It gives the Author some idea of how well you liked it and lets other readers know whether or not they might enjoy reading it.

Rating/Reviewing Areas Within a Rateable Item

You will notice two areas within a rateable item's page where you may rate it. One area is located in the item's header. This area will allow you to rate that item on a scale of 1-5 stars. Your rating number will then be added into the item's total ratings and it will show the average that it works out to. The author will not be notified of this rating, but he or she may notice that the number of collected ratings has increased.

Note: You may only rate an item once; although, you may clear your rating and give another if you like.

The second rating area available also allows you to not only rate, but to send a review to that Author, as well. This area is located at the bottom of the rateable item you're reading. Here you can choose the number you want to rate it and fill out the text box with your Review. You also have the option of making your review public. For more information on that, please read Reviewing @ Writing.Com .

Writing.Com Authors appreciate feedback for their writing. Most Authors on this website are looking for constructive criticism from readers like you!

Note: These reviews are NOT sent anonymously unless you check the box beside it before you submit your review. If you would like to send it anonymously, just select the box that it tells you to.

Rates and reviews can not be sent for unrateable items, please read Rating/Reviewing Preferences  to understand the differences.

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