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by Twin
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This is the characters and plot for a story. It is a rough draft so I would like comments.
Hey I'm thinking about writing a story and would appreciate people's comments on the characters.

Rachael was an ordinary girl. Well at least as ordinary as a 16-year old girl who can see auras, know someones life story by touching them and is in love with someone who occasionally blacks out and kills people can be. I guess that's not very normal is it??

Michael is Rachael's best friend. Michael is the person Rachael is in love with. However the love is unrequited. Michael has a bit of a control issue. Then again his life hasn't been all that great. I suppose I'd have problems if I seen my parents murdered by some low life. Ever since that day every six months Michael blacks out and goes on a killing spree. However Michael recovers after a day, remembers nothing and only kills low-life's. I know irony at it's finest.

Then there is Susan. She is the poor unfortunate person left to deal with Michael's messes. You see Susan is a mediator. She has to deal with all the ghosts of the low-life's Michael kills. After three years and a grand total of eighteen victims Susan has had enough. One day Michael kills someone he knows and the ghost is able to give Susan all the information she needs. Information like Michael's name. So Susan sets out to find Michael,

Finally there is Max. Max is a nineteen year old vampire. One slight issue though, he doesn't know he's a vampire. See unlike every other story in this being a vampire means you only get a thirst for blood. So Max is a vampire but since he doesn't know and doesn't get blood he blacks out every two months, kills someone and drains them of their blood. Max decides one day to post his story on a website for help. Michael sees the post and sets out to find Max with Rachael.

Wonder how this will turn out??
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1689733