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by Amay
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A soldier's last visit home
Last Gift

“Come to me,” she whispered as she snuggled down under the blankets. She closed her eyes and drifted into a peaceful slumber.

On silent feet he came to her, in the darkness of the night. He stood beside her, watching her as she slept. He stroked her hair, his touch as soft as a passing breeze. He loved the way the moonlight illuminated her features. Softly, he stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers. Her warmth, her softness, her scent filled him. She had called to him, and he was here with her. He leaned over her, and whispered her name. With the softest touch, he kissed her. “My sweet love, I’m here. I’m always near.’’

She knew it was a dream. Her brain was telling her he wasn’t here, but her heart was telling her that he was. She felt the warmth of his fingers softly caressing her hair. She felt his fingertips brush her cheek just like he always did. She felt the warmth of his breath as he whispered her name, he called to her. She knew that he was thousands of miles from her, yet he was here. She was afraid to open her eyes in the darkness, afraid that the magic spell might end. She stirred slightly to be closer to him. She needed his warmth, his touch, and his words.

He comforted her, her lover, her friend, sitting with her as she slept. Her protector, her strength, she had called him to her across the miles. He had come to her. He knew that he would never see her with his eyes again. He knew that she would never be in his arms again. He knew that his trip across the seas had been a one way trip for him, as it had many soldiers before him. But tonight was theirs, a sweet good bye. It was his final chance for him to let her know how he felt about her. His whispers filled her dreams while she slept. She knew that this was a gift, his final gift to her. His love surrounded her and would support her in the days to come.

The baby woke; she could hear her daughter playing in her crib. She listened to the laughter, and remembered the last time her little girl laughed and played with her daddy the morning he had shipped out. She shook herself awake to find the empty bedroom. The spell was broken. Her heart was heavy. She felt so empty. She already knew.

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