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The shame of a country who discraces itself by not comensating all veterans equally.
Blue Water (Navy Vets) Vets from the Vietnam War get the SHAFT

         For over 35 years now the Vietnam war has been over and our Vets have suffered from Agent Orange related diseases including Cancer and Diabetes  All vets from that war that have contracted Diabetes and or Cancer have been given Service Connected Disability EXCEPT Navy Vets who did not serve at least some time standing on land in Vietnam.  Every other country in the world that have had Vets from all services suffering from any diseases associated with Agent Orange have been paying them all service connected disability right after it was discovered.  NOT THE U.S GOVERNMENT.  WHY?  I surely do not know why such a powerful and dominant country would continuously deny benefits to one branch of the armed services.

         It has been proven that the process used by every country's ships to purify water aboard all ships intensify s the effect of Agent Orange in the water.  Each and every ship that served in Vietnam got their water from the delta there in Vietnam and it was proven to contain Agent Orange including the U.S. Navy.  The only trouble is that U.S. Navy vets are the only ones not getting any compensation for any of the diseases like the rest of the services get automatically.  WHY?

         President Nixon signed into law that the only ones eligible to receive compensation for Agent Orange related diseases had to have Boot on Land or Boot on ground.  This immediately denies benefits to those who served proudly for this great country of ours in the U.S Navy and some Air Force Vets as well.

         The Vietnam war has been over for 35 years now and a lot of the people who served did so all throughout the war which lasted at least 10 years.  Why does the U.S. Government still deny these vets the same disability they give freely to any Army Vet?  This is a national tragedy and a shame on the most powerful country in the world.  Why would the leaders of this country shame us all in such a way?  Why have so many U.S Navy Vietnam vets been forced to suffer more disgrace and go through all the suffering and even died from these diseases at an alarming rate and still not get their rightful compensation?

         I think every legal voting age person who agrees with me should send a letter to their congress person asking to repeal that boot on land law and give our proud vets the compensation they rightfully deserve just like all the other vets get who suffer from the same diseases.

         It was bad enough when I volunteered to join the Navy instead of being drafted into the Army.  Then to come home and be called a Baby killer and worse then to be denied good paying jobs because of being a supposed Baby killer even though I did not touch land or hold a gun in my hand after Boot camp.  Then to get sick and become disabled and unable to work only to have the V.A. Tell me that I was not eligible for any disability because I was in the Navy and did not touch land.  WHY?  I will probably die long before the government finally decides it has made a mistake and with so many other Navy Vietnam vets having died they will not have a need to pay anyone anything they owe those whom have died from diseases caused by Agent Orange.  WHY are U.S. Navy vets being singled out to not receive benefits other vets get automatically. 

         Only by bombarding our congress people with letters and turning their attention to this tragedy will this issue be resolved.  Let us not wait for 50 to 1000 years to change this ruling of boot on land like so many other issues have been finally compensated for.

         Just ask your congress people to not let this happen to so many Vets most of whom were volunteers just like me.
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