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Rated: E · Sample · Fantasy · #1690874
Just a tidbit of Sherus brothers and the moon-star necklace.
      Now that Trin put a price on Sherus and her sisters’ heads, she knew that she needed to keep a low profile.  Moonstar was hiding with Lonewolf and Chrystal, traveling through the worlds trying to remain unseen.  Sheru though, had no real choice.  She knew that she was stuck on Earth in that Human form.  However, Sheru was still taking no chances.  She listened to Moonstars advice well and started watching her back, and avoided dark and unpopulated places.  But the one thing she couldn’t help was when she was at her Human home.  She was always alone there, but she doubted that anyone would do anything in that horrid place.  At the bus stop, walking into school, or even outside at her Human aunts’ house; she had to worry like a nut.
      In school, Kashema still tried to keep Sheru calm, but she was still uneasy every time a note was sent to her from Trin.  She would find them under her desk or in her locker, telling her that there efforts are pointless and the end result will be the same.  Kashema started to get sick of everything Trin was pulling, she couldn’t help but start to rant about how low of a person she was.  But even Sheru herself couldn’t’ve predicted what was to come next…

      Monday morning, Kashema strolled into the Jr. High school looking quite proud, and as though she didn’t have a care in the world.  Sheru on the other hand was still watching the shadows, wondering when Trin would keep her promises and strike.  Luckily the two had there A block class together, along with a few others.  When they took there seats next to each other, Kashema couldn’t help but brag about her weekend.
      “Guess what I did Saturday?  You’ll never guess!”  Kashema was excited but she kept her voice partly down as there were other kids around.
      Sheru always loved hearing Kashemas stories; it kept her hopeful that she too might be able to experience them for herself one day.  “What did you do?  Learn how to make Ice-cream?”  Sheru joked, feeling better now that she was with her friend.
      “No,” Kashema paused for a moment.  “But that’s a good idea.  Anyway, I went to Nore!”  Kashema lowered her voice as she said Nore, the bell didn’t ring yet, but there were more kids in the room.
      “You did WHAT!”  Sheru pretty much yelled out.  A couple kids looked over, but with her school reputation, they quickly lost interest.
      “Shhh!  Keep it down!”  Kashema was practically whispering now.  “Like I said, I went to Nore, there’s no way I’m mistaken.”
      Sheru tried to watch her volume, she attempted to match Kashemas.  “How in Gods name did you get there!?  Even I can’t get there right now!”
      “Calm down, Foxy’s teaching me how to use Demon Portals, that’s how I got there.  Took me a while though.”  Kashema started to get a ‘I’m thinking’ look on her face.
      “You didn’t get caught did you?  Trin might try to come after you too.  She’s crazy!”
      Kashema snapped out of her thoughts and gave a bit of a chuckle.  “Actually getting around the castle was quite easy, though I am a fox.  But what would interest you the most though, is that your sisters aren’t the only members of your family who had to deal with that witch.”
      “Oh no, Kashema what did you do now?”  Sheru spoke her mind in a serious tone.
      “Well you’d figure that a castle like that would have secrets somewhere right?  So, I just went to the deepest, darkest places I could find.”  Kashema smiled as though she had just done the ultimate good deed.  “Eventually I went down some stairs and down a little hall, but it was a complete dead end!  I thought that was really suspicious, so I poked around a bit.  I found that there was a small secret door!”
      Sheru feared the worst at this point, “Oh no.”  Was all she could muster.
Kashema continued as though Sheru hadn’t spoken, “Inside I found tons of cages!  They went so far back!  All different kinds too!  Some were metal, others were made out of this bright stuff, and a few others were made out of black goop…”  She shuddered as though the remembrance itself was gross.  “But I went all the way to the end and found four boys!  So I let them out.”
      Kashema seemed very proud of herself, but Sheru protested.  “What!  They could’ve been criminals!  Why did you let them go!?”  She didn’t care anymore about the other kids, but she still tried to not sound like she was yelling.
      “Sheru,” Kashema looked at her, happy and bright, but serious at the same time.  “You my dear, have brothers.”
      Sheru was dumb-founded.  She knew that Kashema was waiting for her to say something, but Sheru was at a loss for words.
      The bell rang and Kashema knew that she would have to wait until class was over to talk to Sheru, but that didn’t stop Sheru from questioning Moonstar.
      "Alright Moonstar, what gives?  Kashema says that I have brothers now, that’s something I doubt she would make up.”  Sheru spoke through her mind; she could do this for any of her sisters at any time unless they Mind Blocked her out or if she blocked them.  Jagenas training turned out to be extremely useful more often than not.  This form of communication was simply called Mind Speech.  A few others came up with there own names, but that’s the most common name.
      Moonstar was serious yet proper as usual.  Both Lonewolf and Chrystal warned Sheru time and time again to speak to her as little as possible as her presence was even demanding. “Sheru I didn’t want anyone to tell you for your own safety.  Kashema speaks the truth; you have four brothers, there the Princes of Nore.  Though I must advise you to stay silent until I contact you again.  It will be soon I assure you.  Something needs to be done, and we’re ready now to do it.”
      Sheru left it at that, but was quite disappointed.  Though Moonstar was right, it didn’t take her long at all.  Before class was over Moonstar contacted her again.
“Sheru, I am honored to announce that our mission was a success.  Trin has been overthrown, and we are now the rulers of Nore, which we were rightfully meant to be.”
      Sheru was shocked and taken off guard; this news was so large and sudden.  It hadn’t even been an hour yet and everything changed over there.  Sheru felt more left out than anything now.
      Sheru,” Moonstar continued, “look under your chair, you’ll find a gift from me that was in the Forbidden Room.”
      Sheru was now confused, if it was in the Forbidden Room, shouldn’t it be forbidden?  But she looked anyway and found a small white envelope.  There were no distinct markings on it, but she could feel that there was weight inside.  Carefully, she tried to keep it hidden so the teacher wouldn’t see it.  She opened the flap and dumped the contents into her hand.  It was a crescent moon necklace with a star sitting on the bottom inner curve.  The moon was so captivating as it sparkled blue, green and purple at the same time.  The star was silver as well as around the crescent moon stone and the small extra decorations on the chain piece.  The chain piece was a black half fabric material, and it took her breath away.
      Moonstar then continued, “That’s known as the Moon-Star Necklace, it will allow you, and only you, to spend 999 years on Nore, while spending only one year on Earth.  It may have been in the Forbidden Room, but this item is only evil if its carrier is evil.  Perhaps the rest of your questions can be answered here, at home.”
      ‘Home’, now that’s a word Sheru had a hard time with, where ever she was in that Human world, it never felt like home.  It would be nice to know the feeling.
As Sheru looked again at the pendent, she realized something.  “Moonstar, isn’t our symbol a crescent moon with three stars surrounding it?  This one only has one…”
      Moonstar seemed pleased, “Ah, Jagena taught you many things, this is good.  Yes, our symbol is one crescent moon with three stars; this however has nothing to do with that.  The four figures in our symbol represent us, the four sisters.”
      “Oh,” Sheru put on the necklace to make sure it stayed safe.  “So the three stars are me, Lonewolf and Chrystal, and you’re the moon!”  Sheru felt happy that she thought of that, it seemed to be the reason why anyway.
      Moonstar didn’t seem to be at all moved.  “You have the idea, though who is represented by what has remained to be seen.  That is to be determined by our destinies.”
      Sheru was partly confused, but now that she could actually go and see Nore for herself instead of pictures in her head, that was a great feat itself and overrided any confusion she had.  Now she could get all the answers to all of her questions, and in person.
© Copyright 2010 ♥ Lady Lish (lish-sheru at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1690874