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by Zreena
Rated: E · Sample · Fantasy · #1691079
Sample chunk from chapter 1 of Silence, my story. Introduction of amulets
         Silence tried to call out again, nothing but a puff of air escaping her mouth. She launched herself at the man, and caught him unaware. He fell to the ground in a cascade of black fabric and hair. He was sort of pretty.
         “Idiot girl,” he spat, shoving Silence off of him with inhuman strength. Silence caught a glimpse of something that drained her face of blood. It couldn’t be, those don’t really exist!
         When their eye contact broke, Destiny recovered enough to speak.
         “Who are you? What wrongs? What do you want with me?” She demanded with her usual air of regality.
         The man stood up, drawing himself to full height. He left Silence on the ground, acting as though she didn’t exist. He turned his complete focus once again on her cousin. He regarded her; her stance of defiance looked less convincing when she looked like at any moment she would rush forward and embrace him.
         “My name is Shadow,” he said. “You knew me once, a long time ago. The time has come. My people are strong. I have come to take what is rightfully mine. No one can resist me. No one will.”
         Quick as a blink he grabbed Destiny roughly and snatched the necklace from her hands. In her fear she forgot about her broken ankle and set her foot down, screaming in pain. Silence saw tears well up in her eyes, and felt rage. This Shadow person would not harm her. She yelled out again, this time sound came out.
         “Don’t you hurt her!”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1691079