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Sorry I haven't posted anything. I hope you're content with this little thing.
-Shout out "Bug!" and swat at her arm every few seconds

-When she tries to say something go "Shh! I'm trying to speak with the dead!"

-Poke her over and over until she yells. Then say "It wasn't me!"

-Talk about how hot Delilah is (if you're a girl talk about Takeru).

-When she's walking, hum a catchy tune.

-Narrate her every move. "Lollita is reaching into her handbag. She pulled out a wallet. She handed a merchant some money. The merchant swipped it out of her hand."

-When her birthday comes get a picture of Delilah (self auto-graphed) and give it to her.

-Whenever she does something yell "You're doing it wrong!"

-Call Souta on a cellphone (or payphone) and tell him everything Lollita is doing. Be sure to shout it out so she can hear. "OKAY, NOW SHE IS OPENING A DOOR..."

-Buy a tee-shirt and write 'Delilah is hawt' on it. Give it to her when you see her.

-Complain about the color of her eyes.

-Whenever she smiles at a boy say "Oh I see, that's the kind of thing you're into..." and act all pleased with your conclusion.

-Dress up in the same clothes as her and act exactly like her. (If you're a boy, just act like her.)

-Tell her she has small breasts

-Ask how old she is. When she answers act like you think she is older.

-Ask her to tell you if you're girlfriend (or boyfriend) likes you. (because she can only tell the truth, and she hates mushy stuff.)

-Call her fat.

-Tell her she's dumb

-Compare her to Delilah

-Tell her she looks like Daniella

-Tell her "Black is so not your color!"

-Buy anything sweet and eat it in front of her

-Buy strawberries and give them to her as a present

-Play "shadow" and copy everything she does

-Whenever she eats creampuffs chant "Fatening, fatening~!"
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