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by Giluc
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I think I have a high threshold against disappointment. You know. Social convention. That kind of thing. Why? It bothers me. I hate the people who are like that.

Is there something I don't not tell you? Hmm? I try to put my finger on what exactly it is, that turns me off. I am not talking about acne here. I am talking about those kind of fuckheads who closes conversations. Why they do not socialize properly with people they do not know.

People are mostly full of shit. Pompous. But not only that, really. I would sit and listen to someone if he had something to say. I feel like, you know... I simply cannot stand when people butcher the language.

Cues. Linguistic expression. I'm so deeply based on how the person reacts to what I say. I am not talking about my friends. I am talking about random, short conversations with people I do not know. That's where I create so many barriers to effectivate the conversation, that I am sensitive to every little thing the other person does.
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