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by Amay
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Emotional · #1692059
The most important three little words
Three Little Words

She walked along the white sandy beach. Families packed their belongings, grumpy children whined after a long day of playing in the sand and surf, frustrated parents fussed about how this wasn’t the way to end the day and sand being in everything. Sandpipers danced their two-step with each wave that rolled in. Surfers caught the last waves of the day as the tide settled into an imperceptible roll.

The beach had been so crowded during the heat of the day, but now the sun worshipers headed out and the joggers and strollers headed in. It was always busy just a different group from noisy to quiet, from high energy to serenity seeking.

Walking on the beach, shell hunting, sunset watching had the calming effects of the sand beneath your feet. The rhythmic music of the wind and waves always provided a calmness and peace. She could walk for miles enjoying the time to be alone to her thoughts. It was such a wonderful gift because time seemed to stand still when she was walking on the beach. What made walking on the beach so special? How was it so different from hiking in the mountains? The joy and peace wasn’t there for her. It’s only at the ocean that the calmness filled her and gave her the ability to face life renewed.

Her walks always led to the point the best place on the beach. She spent hours watching the inlet and cove that it formed. The combination of land, wind and water always created interesting currents and waves. Shells washed up at the point came in from the deeper waters off the coast. Conch and whelks, shark egg sacks, and sand dollars made the point a shell hunters dream. Surrounded on three sides by water, the point faced a jetty of land that looked heavily forested. Between the trees, the ocean, the inlet and the setting sun, the point was one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Each evening the setting sun painted the most beautiful sunsets ever seen. A front moving in along the coast hinted that tonight’s sunset would be amazing. Building clouds filled the horizon. But this moment in time, was one an artist would dream of capturing. The deepening blues, the roses and mauves colored the clouds, the water was the most beautiful turquoise imaginable and the waves just continued to roll in. The dolphins played off in the ocean. The gulls captured the last of the currents of warmth before the sun finally set.

Peace, beauty, serenity enveloped her. Listening to the music of the beach, she sat and became one with nature. Every sight, every second made its impression. Each change in hue, each change in the current created a new sensation to remember. She was lost in her thoughts, lost in the beauty of the moment. She never even heard him walk up behind her.

They had known each other for a long time. Their friendship grew even though their paths took them so far apart. He wasn’t even sure it was her. He didn’t know that she was here, but he took a second and a third glance when she walked past him on the beach. He felt like a stalker, almost. He started to turn around and leave several times as the walker kept strolling away from him. He wasn’t sure what kept him following her at times; he wasn’t even sure it was her.

He watched her stand at the point, with just her toes in the water. He watched her silhouette in the sunset. He still wasn’t sure. As she was taking in the beauty of the surroundings, he took in her beauty. She turned her head slightly to watch the dolphins playing. That was when he knew. It was her. He couldn’t believe the fates brought her here at the very same time as him. He continued to watch her as she sat down in the sand. He watched as she absorbed the glorious evening tide. He wanted to touch her, hug her, and yet he didn’t want to disturb her.

Quietly, he walked up behind her. She didn’t realize that anyone was around. He softly cleared his throat; the wind carried the sound away. She sat enjoying the sunset completely unaware.

Softly, he called her name. She knew at once who was there. She turned and smiled at him, so excited and surprised to see her friend. It had been way too long. They embraced as the sun’s flames touch the water’s edge. Gentle touches, it seemed like they both just had to prove to themselves that they were there together, followed by more warm embraces.

Together they watched the sun sink below the horizon. Words couldn’t express the joy they both felt, the unexpected reunion, the beautiful sunset, the time to be together. As they turned to head back down the beach, he took her hand, and looked deeply into her eyes. “I love you,” was all he said.

Three little words made the whole world stand still. Three little words changed their lives forever. Three little words held so much power, the power to elevate their hopes and dreams. Three little words illuminated the darkness, the joy and love radiated from them. Three little words changed two lives and made them one.


revised July 27, 2010

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