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by Charda
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They met in the hotel lobby and went up to her room to introduce themselves...

The moment our eyes met, I knew my life would never be the same again. I was mesmerized by them, I felt lost and yet intrigued. I felt like I couldn’t look away. He looked at me a little longer, then stood up and approached me. He came to stand next to me. “Are you staying here?” he asked, meaning the hotel we were in. “Yes,” I nodded, never looking away. “Then let’s go.” He offered me his hand and when I stood next to him he put his arm around me tightly. Together we walked to the elevators. Every time when I looked him in the eye, I’d feel butterflies and it’d been ages since I’d felt those. We entered an empty elevator and when we were inside he pulled me even closer to him and kissed me passionately. I felt every fiber inside me tingle with excitement. I had never felt so alive before. I was disappointed when we reached my floor, and slightly out of breath too.

We exited the elevator and I quickly led the way to my room. As soon as we entered it, he put me against the door and cupped my face in his hands. He brushed my lips with his, licked my lips real slowly and then entered my mouth with his tongue again. I felt his hands glide over my body, pulling me to him as close as possible. I was very excited, but now I was sure it hadn’t left him cold either. “I need to see you naked, I need to be inside you,” he whispered in my ear.  I could only nod in agreement. His hands slid under my blouse and in the next instant it was gone, like it had been open all along. My bra underwent the same treatment. He looked at my upper body. “Wow, you look delicious.” I smiled shyly, I wasn’t used to getting compliments. He cupped my breasts with his hands and then bent over to kiss them. I moaned and threw my head back in pleasure. He unfastened my pants and his hand slipped inside my panties. I moaned even harder and my hips started to gyrate involuntarily. He smiled when he saw that. “Mmm, you like that, huh?” His fingers started to caress me. It felt amazing. His other hand pushed my chin upwards so he could kiss my neck. That turned me on so much. For just a second I was wondering whether he would leave any marks in my neck that would be noticed by people tomorrow, but the next second I had already forgotten my worries.

He entered me with his finger and started to slowly fuck me with his finger. I was so aroused and out of it that I could hardly stand on my legs anymore. “Want me to replace this with something else?” “Yes, yes, oh please, fuck me.” He grinned at me. His mouth covered mine and I hung on to the kiss with all that I had. While we kissed he pulled my pants down and in no time I felt him enter me with his manhood. I moaned loudly while he entered me because it felt so good, he felt so big and hard and well, perfect. It was like we matched perfectly. I felt even his breathing quicken. I felt like he would get deeper inside me with every stroke and that felt fantastic. I wanted as much of him as possible. We were still kissing, though we were both getting out of breath and I sure was moaning loudly. He started to move so quickly that I couldn’t tell anymore when he was moving in and out of me. My whole being just consisted of being fucked by him. In a split second I felt my orgasm build up inside me and the next thing I knew I was overwhelmed by the most powerful orgasm I ever had. Half a second later I felt him cum inside me as well. He pulled me close to him as the ripples went through the both of us. After a couple of minutes as we had regained our breaths he gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Eric.” I smiled. “I’m Lucy.” “Hi Lucy, you are mine now.” I smiled some more and looked forward to this new beginning.
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