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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1692550
Gru gets caught in Vector's lab and Vector tries out his new "weapon" on him.
"Where is it?" Gru mumbled to himself as he silently stalked the halls of Vector's lair. He was searching for the shrink ray that Vector had stolen from him and he had been at it for a while now. Finally, as he rounded a corner, he spotted a large safe at the end of a hallway.

"That must be it," he whispered as he carefully snuck over to it.

As he got closer, Gru was surprised to see that the door to the safe was slightly ajar. He grinned to himself and slid inside. Once in, he nearly screamed in delight, for in the middle of the room was the shrink ray, just sitting there unguarded. Gru was so busy being overjoyed by his sudden luck, that he didn't notice the safe door close quietly behind him. He couldn't even hear the light hissing of the vent as it slowly began to circulate gas through the room. Gru strolled over to claim his prize… but suddenly found himself becoming dizzy. He leaned against the pedestal that held the shrink ray to try to regain his balance, but found himself slipping down to a sitting position on the floor.

"W-what's going…" His sentence trailed off as his consciousness faded away.

When Gru awoke, it took him a minute to fully comprehend just what was going on, and when he finally did, he started to struggle wildly. He was currently bent forward over a table, his wrists and ankles both tied together and to the table. He would have screamed, had a ball gag not been impeding any intelligible sounds he could make. He continued to struggle, but abruptly stopped when he heard a familiar voice from behind him.

"Aww, Gru, it's so cute that you're struggling."

Vector strode around the table and came to a stop in front of Gru. He was met with a death glare. The younger man leaned down to meet his gaze at eye-level.

"Oh, don't give me that look. YOU were the one sneaking around in MY lab!" Vector exclaimed, then grinned and stood back up before continuing. "Well, thanks to you, I now have a test subject for my latest weapon…" He wandered out of Gru's line of sight to grab something before sliding back to his previous spot in front of the bound man to show him his new 'weapon' "The Vibromatic!"

Gru's eyes widened when he realized just what this new 'weapon' was, and he began to struggle again. Vector was obviously pleased with the reaction and began to run a hand up the textured pink length of the silicone phallus that tapered out toward the base, which then connected to what looked like the bottom of any of his other guns.

"Yes, the Vibromatic…" Vector began walking around to the other side of the table. "It's a weapon that tortures using pleasure!" He hooked a finger in the waistband of Gru's pants "It can be quite threatening, you know..." In one quick motion, Gru's pants were yanked down. "And I wasn't about to test it on myself." Gru struggled with even more fervor at the feeling of his pants being removed. "So it's a good thing YOU happened along!"

Gru made a noise through the ball gag that sounded like a very muffled death threat. And Vector could only laugh at the man who was currently in no position to threaten anyone.

"Come on, Gru, be a good boy, and I'll make it less painful for you." Vector disappeared for a moment and returned holding a small jar of Vaseline.

Gru turned his head in an attempt to see what his arch nemesis was holding, but he was out of his line of sight. Vector removed the top of the jar and dipped in two fingers. Gru could hear the squishing sound of the smaller man's digits as he applied a coat of Vaseline to them. He refrained from struggling though until he felt a hand rest on his ass, which caused him to make a surprised noise through the gag.

Vector grinned in anticipation of what Gru's next reaction would be, and spread his ass with one hand while he positioned the first finger of the other. Gru's expression was that of both fear and hatred, and he tried his hardest to move away from Vector, but he was tied in place and the table was attached to the ground, he was completely at the mercy of his enemy. Vector thrust the first finger without warning and Gru made a muffled sound of discomfort followed by clenching his ass to try to prevent any further invasion. Vector curled his finger inside the larger man, causing him to bite down on the gag.

"Now, now, don't tighten up like that." Vector positioned a second finger next to the first. "Otherwise, this'll hurt a lot more than it needs to."

He smacked Gru on the ass, eliciting a surprised muffled sound from the man and a momentary lapse in his clenching. Vector took the opportunity to slide in the second digit.

"Mmph!" Gru's scream was music to Vector's ears.

The younger man barely gave the elder any time to adjust before twisting his fingers around inside of him.  Gru continued making sounds of discomfort and attempted to remove the foreign objects from himself by struggling against his binds. Vector was taking great pleasure in Gru's reaction, but he decided to move on. He pulled his fingers from the larger man and laughed to himself as he picked up the Vibromatic.

"Now, here comes the fun part!" Vector positioned the weapon at Gru's now perfectly lubed hole. "Try not to clench anything." He smirked before thrusting the Vibromatic forward.

Gru yelped as nearly half of the 9" vibrator was forced into him. He bit down hard on the gag and lowered his head in pain. This time, Vector gave Gru enough time to adjust to the intrusion, and waited until the larger man's breathing became less ragged before flipping the switch on the side of the weapon. The vibromatic instantly came to life and began a low vibration.

Despite the older man's hatred of the situation, he couldn't help but let out a muffled moan at the weird sensation now coursing through him. It was almost… Pleasurable.

Hearing the bound man moan, Vector knew his weapon was working, and he gave it a few quick thrusts into Gru, succeeding in fitting in another inch of the pink phallus.

Gru let out another moan and silently cursed himself, he couldn't like this. He wouldn't let himself. Vector thrust the Vibromatic once more before turning up the speed to medium.

"Mm!" Gru unintentionally moaned loudly as the vibrator began moving in a circular motion as well as vibrating twice as fast as before.

Vector continued to thrust the weapon slowly, managing to fit it in a few more inches, as he watched Gru squirm below him. He bit his lip and slid his free hand down the front of his bright-orange pants to grasp his erection.

"Ahh…" Vector let out a breathy moan as he started stroking himself in time with the thrusts of the Vibromatic. He flipped the switch up to maximum.

The vibromatic was now vibrating and circling three times as fast. It took all of the larger man's self control not to scream in pleasure.

Gru started moaning with each thrust, suddenly becoming all to aware of the fact that he now had a full-blown erection. He was liking it. A lot.

"AH!" Vector moaned as he sped up both the movement of his hand on his cock and the thrusting of the vibrator inside of Gru. Suddenly he wanted to hear the bound man scream his name. He pulled his hand from his pants and leaned over Gru so that he could reach the clasp on the back of the gag.

This was his chance, Gru could tell Vector off and scream for him to stop, no one would ever even know that this happened or that he even liked it a little. He readied himself.

"Scream my name, Gru!" Vector fumbled with the clasp and finally got it undone. The gag fell from Gru's mouth and landed on the table.

Gru knew exactly what he was going to shout. He opened his mouth.


Vector moaned as Gru screamed his name, and pulled his pants down to have better access to his cock. He began thrusting his hips into his grip and started thrusting the Vibromatic even faster into Gru.

"Oh G-God, Gru… I'm- AH!" Vector moaned and thrust the weapon all the way to the base inside of Gru as he came all over his hand.

"AHN! V-Vector!" Gru screamed half in pleasure and half in pain as he came onto the table top below him.

Vector flipped off the Vibromatic and pulled it out of the still-bound man, before pulling his pants back up for him. Gru stayed still as he tried to catch his breath. Vector strode around the table to his front. He wasn't too surprised to see a look of anger on the larger man's face, and he leaned down to Gru's eye-level. He smirked.

"Thank you for the lovely evening."

Vector blew him a kiss, pressed a button, and, before Gru could say anything, he found himself untied and being sucked through a trapdoor in the ceiling.

After going through a series of tunnels, he wound up flying out of a hole in the wall in front of Vector's lair. He shakily stood up and turned to look back at the front door. He was slightly surprised to see Vector standing there. Just when he was about to turn away, the smaller man called out to him.

"Hey, Gru! If you want any more, make sure you COME back!" Vector accentuated the word with a pelvic thrust and waved at him with the Vibromatic before laughing and disappearing back through the door.

Gru blushed as anyone in the neighborhood could have just heard that, and gave Vector's door a death glare before turning to hobble painfully toward his reinforced vehicle. No one could ever know about this. He'd find some way to get back at Vector when he got that shrink ray back. But next time… he was bringing backup.

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