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Do you think I have dual personality?
I come on line for many reasons,one of the main reasons is making new friends and share my experiences and feelings with them.Basically I am not a very social person offline,I avoid mixing up with people in my neighborhood and prefer to spend time alone.Although I spend a lot of time alone with myself in the company of my books,laptop and cell phone but I hardly feel lonely then.I enjoy my own company the most I guess.

But my entire personality changes as soon as I am on line among my virtual friends. I become an extrovert,talkative,fun loving,somewhat witty and bold person then.I get a complete makeover as soon as I sit at my laptop.I love this transformation of my personality as it helps me even after I log out,the positive vibe I gain from myself and my friends online motivates me to stay positive and happy offline.It's so much fun,I don't even need my antidepressants anymore. I am more energetic and happy with lots of positive feelings and an optimistic attitude.It's an amazing feeling,I feel refreshed.

Two different personalities,two opposites shades,two poles......but both me.There I wonder which one is real me? And the answer I get is I am more real when I am on line,because that is what I wanted to be always but couldn't because of my non- compromising nature.If I always set a higher bar for making friends,it's natural that I would end up without having any friends at all.But in online the options are endless, so no matter how high you set up your bar you will reach your goal easily..... internet gives you the opportunity to mingle with a large number of people everyday which helps you to find your tailor made "The friend"...now whether that" too good to be true" friend of mine is real or fake that is something to think about later..................................................................I don't want to think about it now....not today. 
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