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Time for Change – In Changing Times…

There’s knowledge of the soul;
There’s knowledge of the mind.
There’s knowledge of one’s “higher self”
Elusive – hard to find…

We strive to better life;
We strive for bigger bucks.
We strive to climb the ladder rungs
Within a state of flux.

We cater to our whims;
We cater to our woes.
We cater to our selfish side;
While stepping on our toes.

We’re moving t'ward a gloom;
We’re moving scary fast.
We’re moving forth in harmful ways;
Repeating Man’s sad past….

There’s time to turn to truth;
There’s time to find His light.
There’s time to learn to heal old wounds;
And try to set things right.

We all share love of God;
We all preach ‘no more war’!
We all state categorically,
“God’s love we so adore!”

So what?  You’re not like me…
So what?  We each share love!
So what?  We all just want to live
In peace – with God – above…

What comes of unchecked might?
What comes of undue hate?
What comes of war?  Just pestilence…
Why can’t we get things straight?

I beg we share concern;
I beg we halt this path.
I beg we stop and curb ourselves
Before imparting wrath…

Let’s cast away our rage;
Let’s cast away our fear!
Let’s cast away our harmful ways –
Allow our hearts to hear.

I pray we comprehend;
I pray we all take heed.
I pray we grow and share our world –
And quell veracious greed…

Find knowledge in your soul;
Find knowledge in your mind.
Find knowledge in your “higher self”
Renewed – no longer blind...

time for change

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