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Just a simple poem I wrote about a year ago.
All senses surrender to the aromatherapy
Of fresh morning’s dew
In a cultivated yard embellished
With glistening gardens.
Blooming with rouge-hued tulips
And budding trees new like a baby,
Mother Nature is brushed with the slightest shade of pink.
Stark stonewalls stand with ivy
Creeping and crawling
Through every crevice allotted.
Cattails cower over a primaitive pool
Laminated with algae
Creating a crude canopy.
A field of immaculate beauty stands beyond the stark stonewalls.
Splashes of greens graze the cultivation
With majestic wildflowers weaving and swaying
Harmoniously with the wind

As a young girl adorned in a plaid dress and burgundy shoes runs through
Delicately caressing Mother Nature,
She passes through the child’s puerile fingers.
Emerald stems weave in and out
Of the fissures of her fingers
While petals graze through her long auburn hair.
She dances beneath the life-sustaining sun
Spinning around and around
With both hands waving free.
Her head looks up toward the rolling clouds
Of the robin egg sky.

Smiling with her whole face-
The hazel in her eyes flickers
As the sunlight beams down.
The dimples of her cheeks slowly indent in
As the corners of her mouth curl up toward her eyes
Baring communion white teeth.
Losing her balance, she falls back to Earth.
Drawing in the deep aromas, she whispers,
“Welcome back.”
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