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this is just a dream i had. if it doenst make sense. well thats what dreams are for.
What a horrible beginning to the day. Frist my alarm did not go off and i woke up 30 minutes late. My sister, the diva that she is, took up all the time in the bathroom. Which means i get to ride a bus with 10 students more then the compacity and smelling like just finished running a mile. Which i did yesterday in gym, and not only that but, i somehow managed to miss the bus. My luck. Here i am looking up to the sky, thinking why do i have to be so average. I have a beautiful popular sister, a brother who is a smart jock. and i am an average student with average sports skills. My parents tell me im special, whats so special about being normal. What's so special about being held to my older brother and sisters expectations. Nothing thats what.

Lets start with my sister. Lets just say her skin is of porclien her eyebrows are thick but not catipillers. She is has a little pudge but wears the right clothing to hide all her imperctions. Her hair is brown, long and flows like silk. almost to perfect. sometimes i am glad she has a little mole under her right nostrol. with one annoying hair that hangs out of it. she crys almost everynight because of how much she hates it.somehow her insecurity reminds me that even diva drama queens like her are imperfect. My brother he is well built, strong and tan. Not do to the sun though. He was born with skin like honey. He was athletic he could play any sport he put his mind to. But basketball is his passion. when he is on that court the only thing to get him off is by having dinner ready. he is always trying to improve himself and be the best. his honey skin brown hair brown eyes are perfect. all my friends think he"s a "hunk"

Now to little me, the youngest. I have matching brown flowey hair with brown almond eyes and thin eyebrows. lips never chapped but apperantly unkissable since i have never had a kiss before. My skin is the same as my brothers, infact my mother would put our baby pictures together and call us twins. if only we were not 3 years apart. now dont get me wrong i love my siblings but every once in awhile i try to imagaine life with out them. To be honest its quite hard. Even though im always being looked down on because of how great they are, they always take the time to listen to me, or teach me what i didnt understand in class, or just hang out.

Now after 20 minutes of walking to school, i felt something hit me. At this point i am furious. My day is already bad enough now some jerks thought i was a walking trashcan. just my luck. maybe thats my specialty being unlucky. As i turn around i realized no one threw anything at me. Apperiently im so "special" even God's creature the eagle couldn"t see me and knocked me over. However that bird was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. I bent down to take a closer look and found out that my hard head hurt him. The creature seemed calm for how much pain it look like it was in. i reached down and picked out a bunch of sticks in his wing and picked him up. Not the smartest thing to do because when i did that he started flapping and getting mad at me. I put the bird down and start talking to it to calm it.

"you should really watch where your going. Your not the only one in this world you know. OHMYGOODNESS! i just sounded like my mom. something i said i would never do. How horrible. Im sorry mister bird if im bugging you but i really have to go to school and i cant leave until i know your better so go. get. fly on."

trying to push the magestic eagle to the air it wasnt budgeing it was almost like it understood what i was saying.

"well i have to go get better"

Turning around to walk back to shool. Now i am definatly going to be late. its a mile away and i have to be there in nine minutes. I cant even run the mile in that short of time. What to do? should i walk fast and be 5 minutes late, or walk normal and be 15 minutes late. Well, being late is being late. Normal walking it is. Wait, whats that. i look behing me and there is a man. he was tall, and shirtless. his limbs, neck and chest covered in muscle. Upon looking on him i blushed. the only other shirtless men i have seen is my brother's. Ok i have to rip my eyes away from his torso. i looked up to his face. his chin was strong and chisles with some stubble. his lips were small and pressed against each other. his nose well its a nose but his eyes. they were dark and mysterious. He looked tired. a breeze flew by and thats when i noticed his hair. it was long. well not long like mine but i have never seen a guy with hair to the bottom of his ears, touching his neck. it was jet black and beautiful.It was then i always relized he had been trying to talk to me.

"hello are you done checking me out?"

i shook my head oh i was so embarrassed. how could i just stand there and not say anything some first impression. i should probably answer so i dont look like im retarded. yeah thats good, wait what did he ask. oh man why cant i talk to the opposite sex. how frustrating. maybe ill ignore what he said and just ask my own question yeah thats good. "where is the bird?" Good going why would you ask a guy about a bird. asking his name would be better.

"what bird?" he sounded confused but then why would he have a smirk am i reading to much into it. yes i am. why is he so incredibly cute. and why am i making myself look even more retarded by the minute take control concentrate.

"my name is lucy-linda, but i go by liddy. I go to the school just up her are you a new student?"

"do i look like i could be a student?" was that sacasm? why are men so confusing.

"well i dont know thats why i am asking.." oh no that was a little rude. please dont turn away. i like talking to someone other then my family.

"there you go with your head wondering. Can you try to pay attention" then he let out a sigh as if he were annoyed.

"yes." that was a bit eager dont you think liddy. pay attention listen.

"my name Rachield. i came here when i was 6 and that was 18 years ago. to spell it out for you, i am 24 im from earth, but a different realm. i was chosen to battle other people like me. the battles cant begin until everyone has found there partner. we are in animal form until we meet our human and then turn human upon first meeting."

"woah, why are you fighting. that never solves anything?"

he gave out a husked laugh " out of all that you care about world peace? i am chosen to battle 50 others. we are all different we are battling for a new leader. I dont have time to catch you up i sense someone is watching you have to fight with me or i will die. Liddy you fight by giving spells out but you already know the word its in your head all you have to do is..."

from the distance but sounded so clear and close in a way "well, well, well, its about time you found your human. and it looks like u have a defenseless little girl" he sounds so evil and that laugh that fallowed it gave me chills. what is going on. i dont understand.

"we have been fallowing you, we figure you are the weakest since it took you 18 years to find your human."smirk "so lets just end this now shall we."

"wait im only 15 i cant do this, and what do you mean i know the word you all are crazy and i am now beyond late for school excuse me." wow how annoying these people are. calling me his human, i just met the freak. now i wish he just would have walked away. Just then one of the strangers cut me off. "where you going lil one? just stand there so we can kill him and then you can go easy as pie." incredible how evil this guy looks. why wont he just let me go. the man infront of me then straightened up and said, deeply passionalty and with authority, "havicus" at that moment i felt Rachields arms around me protcting me. but from what? he let go i stood up and saw that his back was cut open i gasped.

" that spell let out 1000 slashings and he took it all because you dont know a spell. hahaha" such an evil man. ok Rachield said i know the spells ok lets give this a try. hope it works.

"cerebellum..." nothing.

"photosynthesis" still nothing. how am i supposed to pick one word out of all the words i know. insane.

Rachield yelled, so stern yet patient "this is not a biology test clear your head your heart, the first word that comes to you say it with meaning."

"oh is that it?" sarcasm seeping through every word. sometimes i hate when i do that. clearing my mind my heart. try to be clear.

"calverous!" just then a big flashing light came out and surrounded us. such beauty such warmth. i can hear the to stangers screaming. screaming in pain. what did i just do? is it bad since they said they were going to kill both of us anyways. the light went away and then there was just one stranger. where did the other go. i looked around and nothing. Rachield had a grin on his face. He picked up the man brought him to his feet and told him to leave. He looked at me and simply said. "we have training lets go, and ill also teach your schooling."

they teach me in school not to go with strangers but why would he save my life just to kill me? and i want more answers what was that blinding light, how many others did he say there were, and why do i feel like i known him longer then my own family. hey for once in my life ill do something thats not the right thing. So i grabbed his arm in one had and my phone in the other. called my mom and lied.

"hey mom im going to my aunts house to be closer to school." not a rock solid lie but for someone who never lies, it was good. now i can say goodbye from being in my siblings shadows because i know they have never done this. maybe for good reason. but hello mystery and excitement.
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