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The thing that brings two girls together leads to the demise of their friendship.
Of all the people you run across in your life, all the people you pass day-to- day in your journey towards the grave, what is it that makes some of them friends? Is there some certain thing inside people that makes you call them friend? I wonder, what is it?

Is there some quality or attribute these "friend people" have in common? Does this evolve naturally into changes over time? What if we willfully and forcibly change the nature of friendship by acting on feelings, expressing personal passions, and shaking up the status quo of the relationship? If we do, would we still have anything resembling a friendship?

How do we know a friend is a friend?

I ask these things, because I sit here, trapped in my thoughts, three days post friendship. It doesn't feel bad. It doesn't feel regular; it's not a normal feeling I'm in the grip of, like concreted emotions. I"m surrounded by an invisible cloud of stark, cold, and quiet. I am, however, damn grateful for the quiet.
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