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Dr. Rogers: a werewolf sympathizer. Will he let them live on his land?
Dr. Rogers

                   “Master Rogers, there's someone who requests an audience with you,” the maid called through the door after knocking.
                   “Who is it?” a male's deep voice replied back.
                   “A Miss Holly, sir.”
                   Silence. The maid looked skeptically over at Holly; Holly stared defiantly back at her.
                   “Send her in,” came the final answer.
                   The maid reluctantly, or so it seemed, opened the door to let her inside the room. She entered a room that looked to be a study or library. In the center of the room was a desk with a round blue globe atop of the sleek shining wood. The carpeting was a maroon red and, even though she wore shoes, she could feel the plushness of the rug under her sore feet. The walls were lined with shelves and shelves of books; the only two places on the wall that wasn't occupied with a shelf of books was where a portrait of an elderly gentleman hung above a fireplace and where a huge window separated two shelves of books from each other. The fireplace that was placed directly in front of the desk was bare because of the summer season. The only light that emanated from the room was a lamp that was positioned next to the globe on the desk; the window was covered by velvet curtains the same shade as the flooring.
                   After viewing the interior of the room, Holly's attention was captured by the man who stood beside the mahogany desk. He was rather tall and quite handsome even though he was already in his early forties. He had wavy shoulder length black hair with bangs that were pushed over to the right side of his face and almost completely covered his right piercing blue eye. His left eye was an emerald green, which  made it easy to recognize him anywhere; both, emerald and sea blue, eyes watched her as she stepped into the room.
                   “Ah, Holly! It's been quite a long time, eh?” he said with a British accent, as his thin lips parted in a wide smile.
                   “Yes, I daresay, it has been,” Holly quickly agreed with him as the maid shut the door behind her.
                   “How are you?”
                   “It's been so long, I feel like sharing old mem-”
                   “Look,” Holly said cutting him off,” I didn't come here to reminisce about old times, nor did I come here to talk about my good health; I came her specifically on business. I have a little over fifty werwolves, right now, waiting outside by the trees to finally find a place where they can stay. We need shelter and I know you have land that's preserved for werwolves only. So, I'm hoping and praying that you will allow me and my tribe to stay on your property. Will you help me?” she asked him in a determined voice, turning it to a desperate one on the ending question.
                   “A little over fifty, you say?” he questioned and peaked through the curtains to look at the treeline. He squinted and then said,”From what I can see, it looks like there's mostly elders and children. That's odd....”
                   “We had an encounter with the humans.”
                   She saw him cock an eyebrow ,from the small amount of light that shone on his face from the cracked open curtain, but said nothing as he walked back to the desk.
                   “I'm guessing you very well know that the Lost Tribe is already staying on my property, yes?” he asked her and she nodded,”And I figure that the Lost Tribe still isn't on very good terms with all the other tribes, so the next question is: Are all the other tribes also coming?”
                   “The tribe you see outside is the only one remaining out of the four.”
                   “Well, well that's a big surprise, but I won't question you about that until later. Since your tribe is the only one left, then, yes, I can give you some land to live on. Granted, that the only imposition is that the Lost Tribe will be rather close to yours because my property is only a few acres large, and to have two tribes living on it will take up most of the room that's left. Are these conditions to your liking?”
                   Even if they weren't to her liking, it was the only option they had left and she quickly replied with a “yes”.
                   “How long does it take to talk over a small piece of land?” Alex complained as he sat down and then got back up; this cycle had been repeating itself every few minutes since the time Holly had disappeared behind the white painted door leading into the house.
                   “Why have you been so impatient today, huh?” Jeremy asked him, getting a little irritated himself.
                   “Oh, I don't know! I just want a place to finally settle down at,” he said apologetically.
                   “We all do, Alex,” Willow said sadly and Peter instantly felt ashamed that he was the only one acting this way when everyone else must feel the same.
                   “Look! Here she comes,” Lily told them excitedly, pointing in the direction of the house.
                   The front door of the house opened and out walked Holly with a dark-haired, tall, and handsome man trailing behind her as they progressed over to the trees where the rest of the werewolves stood waiting.
                   “Dr. Rogers, here,” she said motioning to her left where the man stood looking them over when they'd finally reached the other side of the rocky road,”has agreed to let us here for as long as needed. We will move in tomorrow morning at dawn because Dr. Rogers has some important business to attend to first. For tonight we'll sleep here; there will also be a tribal council held in just a minute right here. All the children may either stay here or go with Ellie until the meeting's over; since there's no where for them to go they'll stay here or Ellie will take them off a little ways in the distance.”
                   After some of the parents still living had sent their children off with Ellie, the meeting began; Alex and his friends had all agreed to stay for the council. Standing at the front of the large gathering were Holly, Zeke, and another werewolf Alex didn't know.
                   “Alright to start this meeting off I have some good news and I have some bad news,” Holly said nervously as she began the meeting,”The good news, as you already know, is that the doctor has been kind enough to offer us a place to live for however long we need it. The bad news is....,” she hesitated before she continued,”that we're going to be closer to the Lost Tribe then I'd expected. That's what he offered and I couldn't object considering our current state.”
                   Angry remarks straightaway shot out from the crowd as they learned both the good and bad news. Holly had been expecting this, but she wasn't going to back down on the doctor's kindness.
                   “We should've never come here in the first place then,” a furious female wolf cried out above the rest of aggravated wolves.
                   “Marigold,” Holly spoke looking at the beautiful blond wolf,”I understand where you're coming from; I, in fact, was very hesitant about complying with the terms. But, we at least have some sort of protection, and the humans don't know we're staying here. If they haven't found the Lost Tribe, whose been staying here for many years already, yet, then we still have a chance at living a long life in peace.”
                   “What if they do eventually find us? What will happen then? What will we do then?” spoke out a male voice.
                   Holly sighed and said  wearily,”Then, when that time comes, if it comes, we won't have much of a choice left. We'll have to try and approach Haven of the Past.”
                   That just brought up even more jeers and livid comments.
                   By now, Holly was getting irritated by everyone's negative and unhelpful thinking.”Please,” she said screaming over the hum of the assembly,”if any of you, any of you have any better ideas for the future then speak up now! I'm open to any better offers you have; this whole thing was not what I wanted in the first place, but it happened. So, if there are no further suggestions as to where we should go, this meeting is over.”
                   There was no reply from any of the wolves, and the crowd slowly began to break up.
                   “I thought he told us to follow the directions; the directions never said to get lost,” Alex said angrily.
                   At 6 AM that morning they had set out to find where they would be living at for, hopefully, the rest of their lives. Because the doctor had been backed up in a lot of work, he'd given them a map ,with directions, of the property with an X on it that indicated where they would be located at; there was also a small dot that marked the territory of the Lost Tribe. So, right now the tribe was lost  in the doctor's never ending property of woods.
                   But, there was also another problem. Alex had seen a patch of berry bushes a little bit away from where the tribe had been gathered figuring out the directions on the map, and he'd convinced Jeremy, Lily, and Willow to pick berries with him. By the time they'd returned to where the tribe was previously at, all of the other werewolves had moved on in pursuit of their new home and they didn't even know that four of them were missing. So, now, on top of their whole tribe already being lost, Alex and his friends were also lost after already being lost.
                   “Well, it isn't my fault we're double lost; it was your air-brained idea to go and pick berries,” Jeremy retorted as his hackles were beginning to raise.
                   “Both of you stop your dumb bickering we shou-”
                   “Shh,” Willow shushed them as she tried to listen intently to her surroundings and everyone followed her example.
                   “I don't hear anything. It was probably just a squirrel or something,” Jeremy said doubtfully and took a step forward.
                   That one step was all it took. In a flash Jeremy was hanging upside down caught in a rope cleverly connected to a tree, that when stepped on twisted around your ankle and lifted you into the air, in front of them. His face went blank for about 30 seconds and then his eyes bulged out of his head.
                   “Guys, get me down from here,” he exclaimed starting to go into panic mode.
                   No one answered; they were all staring at what was standing behind Jeremy in dumbfounded disbelief. Right behind him were the two vampires from before looking evilly joyful at what they saw before them, and, on either side of Vaughn and Killian, were two werewolves in their wolf formations they'd never seen before.
                   “Well, well, well if it isn't the tasty, well one wasn't so tasty, werewolves from before,” Killian said joking with himself as he gave them a wry grin.
                   “You know them? I didn't think there'd be anything left of them. I thought I gave clear orders to dispose of them all properly,” the werewolf next to Killian said with an angry sneer on this face.
                   “There was an interference,” Killian stammered and Alex thought he saw a hint of fear touch his cold black eyes, but then it had vanished as quickly as it had come.
                   “Well, then let's kill the now,” the crazy looking, wild-eyed werewolf standing next to Vaughn said thirstily.
                   “No, no I think not. We can use them as bait to properly kill the rest of the remaining werewolves once they've realized that some of their precious little babies are missing,” Vaughn said in a mocking sad voice as an evil gleam danced around his hideous white pupils.
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