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One mans view of retirement
When I reach retirement, and my time is my own.
Life will be what I always dreamed it would be.
Retirement; I couldn't wait, and now I'm so busy
you see, there is no time left just for me.

What is this dream I dream with time only for me?
Other's sit and think of things I can do,
until there is no time left just for me.
So I finally shouted STOP, can't you see,

I have things to do just for me.
I set out to do those things I so longed to do,
you know those things just for me.
so I set out to fish, hike, photograph, paint
and write, life long passions that would complete me.

Day's and weeks went by, soon I had done all
those things I thought were so important.
Now a new month has begun, and I see 
that serving others is for me.

Doing those things just to fulfill a need, now that's for me.
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