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My first story I wrote. this is who I got my name.
This is a series that I wrote before I knew about this site. This is where I get my name.

Riku bent down over the girl, he felt bad really. She was so young, and pretty. He really didn't want to take her but he had to. So he bent down and took what was left of her. "Riku!" Riku turned around, looking at his Trainer. Niro, a 532 year old, was assaigned to train Riku, a 93 year old. Riku snapped to a tension when he heard his name called. "Did you take her?" Niro asked. The overly hyper Riku replied, "Yep!". Niro knew Riku had potential, but he was really distractable and flighty. Riku and Niro were flying back to Nigisaru, the Capital of Death Demons. When they got there, Riku almost got lost in the crowds of demons. Niro went back to get him, then promptly slpped him for getting lost. They went to the Capital Building, where the trainers and their trainees had to come after each mission. They got into the building and got in line and got their new papers. Going outside, they went to Niro's house and sat down and went through the papers. They were to be grouped with two other trainers and their students. Siren, and her student, Dekan and Veor and his student, Gyntra. They were to take down a renagade Demon named Yoas, he had betrayed his race and joined the vampires in their attack against the Demons. The Demons won but in the battle, Yoas ran from battle and is now sentenced to death my dismemberment at the hands of those he betrayed. So Niro, Riku, Siren, Dekan, Veor and Gyntra were to go from Nigisaru to Yoas layer and bring him back to Nigisaru.

next one out later. im too tired havent slept in a couple of days. tell me if you like it or if you dont.

thx- Riku the Shinigami
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