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by sammyg
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The Story of my life
Born in a small town outside Cape Town. I was rared to have respect for all especially the older generation.Be a good and religious girl. Have an opinion ,but keep to yourself ! Remember a girl has to know everything and I mean everything of becoming a mother the soul of the household, the anchor and the omega full stop. And I don't mean the alpha and the omega.

Staring at the horses as they tripled away ,no worry in the world. Passively one starred at me ,he made a small sound as if to say ,What's up girl !

Well I can tell you allot ,I think to myself. But the question is where do you begin if all is simple yet you don't have a clue . Life was or I supposed is still strange in all detail.Everything was I presumed in my funny state of mind, wonderful.

But going back to what the original story is.
I am a grown woman ,early four-ties. Worked since leaving school.Started with the indecisive manner nothing is to hard ,everthing can be done if you put your mind to it. I fully trusted everyone and off-cause everything they say.
How stupid could you be. I came to the big city ,expecting the world to fall in my hands. What a joke. My first few years was slow and sometime a bit boring if you had to compare my life with say, a normal girl with the looks of say Shakirah . I was not to bad looking,but my attitude towards people sometimes was more of a scared cat than a steady matured individual.
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