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A physicist is working late, falls asleep and has a strange dream
Through the Super Collider
A Physicist's Dream

Another late night
For the Doctor this be
Pizza boxes
Are up to his knee

One more calculation
I must complete
Keeping my eyes open
Is quite a fete

There, in the collider
What might that be
It looks to be a nucleus
Calling to me

A closer look
I must acquire
If only
Just to admire

Standing there looking
By his machine
The nucleus began talking
Sounding like a Marine

Come closer
Soldier of science
I’m here to show you
That we lack alliance

He leaned toward the nucleus
With his face
And he was suddenly
Sucked into a race

Particles whizzed by him
Like cars on a track
I don’t belong here
I must get back!

One there beside him
Assured, fear not your mortality
You’re a short visitor
Of this reality

Take the next step
Look into me
The next level
Is what you will see

A storm it was
That shown as electric fog
Most were streaks
Some looked like a hotdog

Go to the center
That I need to find
There I can get
Some peace of mind

There in the quiet
He did park
But soon
It all turned very dark

From a flash before him
Two forms came to be
They each then asked him
Do you recognize me?

Please stop moving
You fly like a bat
Stop moving,
What is that?

You, with many faces
You make me weary
I’m sorry
I’m called String Theory

What about you
Ball of quivering activity
They call me
Quantum Loop Gravity

I should not see two
Both theories can’t exist
This idea
I must resist

If you look closely
I believe you will find
That we do exist
There in your mind

It is the truth
That I wish to see
Not the two of you
There before me

In you mind
You wish to be right
So we two
Then must fight

The two forms
Paced off for their duel
This can’t be right
It’s the way of a fool

They paced off a distance
That seemed quite large
He then watched them
As they began to charge

No, I tell you
There’s no need to fight
Then, all he could see
Was a blinding light

There in his window
Was the janitor, Mr. Lee
Another late might
Doctor, I see
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