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Poem about a girl, semi-inspired by "Stargirl"
Her eyes were lit with sparks of fire,
Her dance was that of the falling rain,
She had whispered conversations with the shadows,
She thrived on self-inflicted pain.

When all the children, all her peers
Fought for the golden spotlight
She sought solace in the darkness
And sat with stars in the midnight.

She stood outside with her arms outstretched
When the rain poured on dampened earth,
From the window, they watched with blinded eyes
That did not see her priceless worth.

She understood the fire’s dance,
And from it she became wise and clever.
It taught her the ways of the world
And instructed her on the laws of forever.

She never claimed to exist
But the hurt she felt was real.
She loved the pain she knew so well
But from it she would never heal.
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