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by maddy
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this is one of those times when you feel you just have to write.
Its the wee hours of the morning, and i am still awake. I just finished watching a 2-hr movie, 'Blood Diamond' and it just breaks my heart every time i watch it. I mean, it makes you think twice before buying an engagement ring you know?? For those of you who have not watched it, basically its a movie about how diamonds that you wear on your finger or neck or wherever, are sometimes paid by blood.

Africa, whom we know is a country full of valuable resources but are never full of peace is the motherland of diamonds and somehow other big countries tend to exploit these resources and these people just for their own benefit. yadayadayada.You can watch the movie for yourself, cause I am not gonna go into much greater detail about it. But what i want to talk about is WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE WORLD TURNING INTO?? What has happen to the human race? Why do we kill each other, hurt others, what do we gain by it? I know you have heard this all before time and again, and its getting kind of overrated, but what is 'PEACE'? What does it actually mean? What does it stand for? I think people say it but don't actually know what the heck they are saying. If you asked miss universe what will she vote for, i bet you can guess the answer. WORLD PEACE. If you ask me, i think the word has become some sort of a propaganda just so that we are fooled to think that everything is going to be better tomorrow, someday, somehow. We do nothing about it even though we see the news and read the newspaper about wars and death counts rising in third world countries due to fights and rebellion attacks and so on. And i know what all of us will say, "oh my god. that is bad. its so sad to see all this. too bad there's nothing we can do."

Yeah, i catch myself saying that too sometimes. but somehow i wish i could change it. Many of us hope that we can. People are just people. What we do makes us bad and good. God or Allah, in my case, gives us choices so that we may choose them wisely with our hearts and brains. These two things are just not parts of our body just because they look good there you know. Why should one people be different than the other? Why would one be tied to a different status, rank, law, and understanding than the other? We are humans, which makes us different because everybody is their own person, unique, no man is the same as the other, but what makes us the same is the fact that we are brothers. We come from the same father and mother, Adam and Eve. Why would children from the same father and mother, brother and sister fight with each other? If your sister forgot to give you back your lip gloss that she borrowed, do you want to blow her off with a bazooka?? If anyone said yes to that, i suggest that you seek medical attention immediately! What i mean is why are we trying to beat the other with our super high tech weapons just so that we could be on top while others around us are falling apart because of our greediness?? I would never understand that and hope that i never will.
PEOPLE, for goodness sake we are living on the same big round ball. Why can't we just get along? We are suppose to share what we have, what we are given, that's why there are millions of people spread and scattered over the whole world so that we can benefit from each other with the things we get from mother earth. But NO, someone must be on top, someone must make sure everything is in order, someone must be the leader.

A good leader is someone who cares about what happens to whom they're suppose to be responsible of and not go and put a hole in their head with their own gun. War is a devil's plaything, not a child's toy. I think the world has forgotten who they are. We have been blinded too much by things of unimportance and yet it seems to be the only thing that we care about. Money, wealth, power, status, it doesn't mean anything when we die. Death is the only sure thing in the world nowadays, you just have to take it or leave it. Its the only thing people are afraid of, even the stupid ones who thinks suicide is an option. It doesn't say that, "i have nothing to live for, my time here is done, i cant live in this world anymore, i am not afraid of death or i am ready", it just says that you are selfish because you gave up on US, on yourself, because we need everybody, all that we can get, if we wanna make it through in this world.

I guess i have rattled on long enough. Just want you know that there are worst things happening right now in the world, everywhere. You'll know it if you just look or listen hard enough. If you think you're having it bad just because you're stuck in a jam, or you have to take the bus to work because you have no car, or the easiest-to-relate-situation, having no money, what about the others who are having it bad because in any minute or second, they could be killed just because they were born on the wrong side of the world?
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