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A full moon calls. Do you answer? Lyrics.
{Chorus 1}
Do you hear the moonlight
Whisper in the sky?
Did you hear the wolf's might
Calling with his cry?
Grab my hand and spin me
And you will see
I have heard them clearly
And it's changing me.

{Verse 1}
Please be strong you tell me
'Cause you want to stay
So I end up screaming
You should run away
It's clawing at my body
Gnawing at my brain
I want this to be over
It's driving me insane.

{Chorus 2}
Do you see the moon
High up in the sky?
Or are you too busy with
The fear in your eyes?
Won't try to run now
Can't try to hide
It's all futile when
The beast is alive

{Verse 2}
Don't take it personally
I love you still
But the beast needs to feed
I need to kill
I'm just a victim
Like you my friend
I can't control myself
When it's in my head.

{ Bridge }
Can you feel the power
Pulsing in the night?
Don't try to run now
Don't try to fight.
I see you shaking
You smell so sweet
I'm sorry friend
But I have to eat

{Final Chorus}
I have seen the moon
Dancing 'cross the sky
I have heard the wolf howl
And I have replied
The night is calling to me
And I must respond
For the creature 's in control
Until morning has dawned
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