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by KaLe
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #1694606
A fairy named Midnight Rose is captured and then rescued by human teenagers. Pleae Read??
Midnight Rose:

There I was sitting under the moon that brought my race our light.  The colors of all the flowers against the bluish black of the lake, as small waves wash up against the shore of the bank.  No stars tonight yet the moon shines against the black of night.  I focus on my magic and touch the water with my hand and as water floats up into the air a breeze shoots by making the blades of grass around me whistle.  I hold the water in my hands and make ripples in it with my mind.  As I let the water flow through my hands back into the shallow waters of the lake, I hear rustling from the trees behind me.  As I stand my light lavender wings spread out and shine a reflection of sparkles on the ground.  Another breeze comes by but this time it is stronger and as it blows my hair in front of my face a figure steps from behind the group of maple trees in front of me.  No wings.  It’s a human!  As I flex my hands over the bank, water starts to form in the air; he steps forward into the light with a face of awe.  I stopped my magic and waited for him to do something yet he stood there and stared.  Right before I could let all the water go back into the lake more humans steeped out, about three more or so.  They started for me and one pulled a metallic weapon and aimed straight for me.  No one of my kind have ever been spotted by humans, we try our best to keep secret while we live in hiding around them.  These humans though saw me and were focused and getting me.  Before they could move another inch I used my water powers and shot water cannonballs at them, they were blasted off their feet and it gave me enough time to run away from them.  My senses couldn’t pick up any wind so I couldn’t fly, instead I continued running.  Once I looked behind me, I fell.  Fairies are graceful creatures but sadly some of us like me can be clumsy in tough situations.  Once I had fallen, I tried with all my might to stand up but something had my wings attached to the ground, or someone.  I looked up and one of the humans was standing atop my wings and the way he was standing was jerking them out of my back.  I heard a click and in front of me was a human with yet another metallic object.  He pulled a finger and before I knew it, I was out like a star going away as soon as morning comes.  Right before my hearing failed though I heard the laughter of the humans and one speaking a language I didn’t understand, “This will be the best thing we’ve ever gotten.  Oh the tests we can do on this specimen, and just think of the evolution we can give humankind.  We must get this creature back to the lab; we have much to do, very much.”

I guess my hearing had come back before my sight because the first thing I heard was loud water flowing around me like a waterfall.  I opened my eyes and yes there was a waterfall yet it was smaller than others I have seen.  The grass and bushes around me were not the kind I was use to, and the trees were not as tall as those in a forest.  I felt my wings and they were strapped to my back so I could not move them unless I wanted to be permanently damaged.  I started to sit up and noticed a shape sitting on a rock.  I looked up and sure enough it was a human staring at me like he was use to my people.  He offered me his hand and I shrugged away from it.  He chuckled to himself like it was a joke only he was in on.  Once I was on my feet he spoke, “I am sorry for your inconvenience but it is what is best for my kind.  We mean you know harm just a few tests.”  My eyes went wide cause I had no idea what had just come out of his mouth but considering the way things were going I really didn’t think I wanted to know what he said. “You must not speak English, well no matter.  Even if you did speak English, I am sorry to inform you that you will not be leaving this facility.  This is your new home!”  I opened my mouth and then flexed my hand and water formed in the air, I aimed for him and then I fell on the ground yet again.  This is not my lucky day I told myself, then I blacked out yet again.

I opened my eyes and this time to a bright light and the dull color of white around me.  The light was a bluish color and then faces everywhere were over me blocking the light from me.  I squirmed yet nothing, I couldn’t move or do anything, I was for once helpless. I tried to enhance my powers but no water was around, and everything in my body started to hurt form even trying to control a power that wasn’t there.  All of sudden a pain shot through me and blurred my vision, nothing could be seen from my eyes and yet the pain wouldn’t leave.  More shots of pain went through my body, coursing in my veins and destroying me with a fire I couldn’t see or feel against my skin.  At the very last second I screamed, it did nothing and it sounded like an animal, yet still I screamed and endured the pain then my head became light-headed and even though I couldn’t see well it felt like things were spinning out of control and then a chant the elders of my kind told to us came to my head:

We the strong and silent
Winged and feared
Yet we not open the doors to our world for humans
Delicate we can be but a fire burns inside of us ready to come out
Help guide us on our paths
Elements that are in our lives everyday
Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit
Keep us safe and comfort us from evil
Created we were to bring light and dark everyday
Guide us elements, guide us
Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit.

I repeated this chant many times in my head and then when I came to the end of the chant for the fifth time I gave in to the pain and became unconscious.

Landon Crest:

“Are we really sure we should be doing this?  I mean I fully understand that we’re going on strike against this lab or whatever for testing on animals but must we really sneak into the place?”  I asked for the third time.
“Landon! Shut up please!? That scream was an animal and if we get proof that they are testing animals then we can shut the place down.”  Breanna shot at me.
“Yea trust me I get that but…..”
“Landon this was your idea in the first place don’t back out now!” Stark told me.  He had a point; I was the one who heard the noise in the first place, so I guess I couldn’t back out.
The lab being surrounded by high wire fences isn’t gonna keep us out, we’re teens, we climb fences and break into places a lot.  Dylan and Helena were the first to get over the fence, Breanna went next with Stark, and me finally to round up our group.  Leo, Tech as we call him, was sitting in Dylan’s van waiting for us watching for security and any unwanted visitors.  Once we were past the fence we went up the railed steps to the door and of course unlocked it with Helena’s hair piece.  We all stepped in and turned on the lights.  Tech said there was a few halls and stairs on the way to the test lab, so with him helping us through a headset microphone we made it to a set of double doors labeled “Personal Only!” , yea we sure are gonna follow that rule.  We got the doors open and we couldn’t believe what we saw: cages stacked or in rows with small creatures in them, some were dogs or cats, others had raccoons, mice and other pests, or birds.  This is what we needed to finally prove that this lab needs to be shut down.
“Can you believe this, all these poor defenseless animals, those scientists should be shot!!” said Helena with her country accent.
“What can you expect from a couple of people that call themselves saviors to humankind when all they do is kill things?”  Dylan hated it when things got killed, ever since the incident between his mom and dad, he hates to think of killing.
Breanna was ahead of all of us, study several animals and then she stopped, we all noticed including when she said we should go in.
“Ok, but what happens if they have like a mutation in there? Huh?” Stark mentioned loud and clear.
“Then we run out ASAP, it’s that simple.  Come on, please guys?” Breanna asked.
At that moment Helena started breathing heavily and saying she didn’t want to go further so she ran out of the room.  Stark contacted Tech, who said that Helena was out the door and staying in the van till we come out.  So with that over Breanna pick the lock on the door and walked in. Us guys were not leaving her alone with anything high-tech, she would blow the place down, so we followed.  In the room was a table and chairs up against it, in front of it was a glass window and behind the window was a replica of a forest.  Complete with a waterfall and trees, bushes and wild flowers.  All four of us stood in front of the window and gazed at the scene.
“That’s so cool! How do they do stuff like this?” Breanna asked.
“I don’t know but something is in there.” Stark pointed out.
None of us noticed it before Stark said anything but in the light of the scene before us was a purple shade that was not part of the trees.  Dylan, Stark, and I got closer to the glass and then the thing stepped out with its back turned to us, yet the hands were moving in soft motions over the water before it.  Out of nowhere bits of water were floating in the air and circling the creature, a strap was on its back and then in a second they were broken by the water and lavender wings enfolded out of the creatures back.  I don’t think the marvelous thing would have noticed us if Dylan hadn’t accidentally fallen against the glass, it turned, and shot the water at the glass with its hands. 
“That’s a girl!”  Stark said in shock.
It was.  She had purple skin and wavy black hair.  Out of her back were lavender wings that sparkled even without the light shining on them.  She was wearing what looked to be giant leaves or flowers, and she had a shocked look on her face.  Then she ran back under the shade of the bushes and trees.  Then before anyone could move Breanna was already at the door to the enclosed environment and twisting the handle.
“What the hell are you doing?” Dylan asked.
“I’m going to go make sure she’s ok.  She’s a girl and she’s scared, she shouldn’t be treated like an animal.  I’ll be right back.”  She said to us, and then disappeared out the door.
We looked out the window as Breanna approached the girl, speaking softly and slowly.  Once she got close enough to the girl, she held out her hand and the girl took it. Apparently the purple girl must have said something to Breanna, because a second later she creamed as loud as she could that way we could all hear, “She’s a damn Fairy!”

Midnight Rose:

         I was comfortable as anyone could be in a fake area of the world I use to know.  I sat on the rocks behind the trees, and watched the water flow from the waterfall, I felt sad and tired.  The only things I can think of at the moment are: how am I going to get out and what is going to happen to my family and people?  I sat there, and yet I was burning up, the lights in here were not like the sun they were hotter and they never went down to show the moon, without its light I felt yet again even more hopeless.  After a moment I got up and stood right by the water edge and then knelt down and lifted some water up, I had realized earlier why they put water in here, to allow me to show my powers, but I am smarter than that and would not give in to the antics.  I stood back up and felt so much anger burning through me, so I flexed my hands and used my mind to lift the water.  It swirled in circles like silk baby blue ribbons spinning in the air, then the swirls got bigger, and with that last bit of my anger gone out of control I wrapped the water around me and then used my thoughts to make the water break the straps on my wings.  It broke!  My wings unfurled from the unusual position and stretched a bit, they sparkled and flapped in the non-windy environment.  Then the faint sound of a thump came from behind me, and I turned and did the only thing that came to my mind; I shot the water under my hand at the humans I could see.  Somehow it bounced off them, and yet they were also not wet.  Their faces looked as if they had just witnessed a miracle, or as the humans call it the apocalypse.  The way things were working at those few moments, we were all staring at each other, four sets of eyes all focused on me.  I couldn’t stand it so I ran back behind the trees, no would have known what they could have done to me, and I wasn’t going to chance it at all.  Through a hole in between the limbs of one of the trees I continued staring at them, then one of them moved far out of my eyesight then a soft clicking was over at the end of the enclosed area as a metal shape turned slightly.  I heard faintly a yell then one of the people were outside by the waterfall almost.  It was girl.  Dull brown hair with a small figure, she was being very careful as she approached, hell she should be, I had a temper including right now.  Her mouth was moving in slow motions saying stuff I couldn’t fully understand, “I promise I won’t hurt you, I’m here to help, I can get you out, just please trust me?”  For some reason when she spoke I felt like maybe this wasn’t one those people that were using me for their own fun and games.  Her hand was held out and once she got close enough to me she gestured it even closer to me, “Please take it?” My sense told me to take her hand,  that she might help me, but I was fighting with my inner self about what to do, finally I put my purple hand in to her white one, and she led me into the light.  I felt like I was on display but I wasn’t going to be scared this time, if they did anything I was going to use all my power.  I couldn’t help it so just to make sure this person knew what she was doing I looked at her and said what I wouldn’t have said to anyone, “I…. am….. a….. Fairy.”  Her mouth opened in awe, and when she touched my wings she looked back at the people, she told them exactly what I told her.
© Copyright 2010 KaLe (sabrinakale at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1694606