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Astonishing Buenos Aires proved Damian Lewis that it was the pivotal point of his life.

I walked down Calle Florida, a pedestrian street in the heart of Buenos Aires, captivated by its beautiful and fashionable stores with ornately groomed entrances of marble, thick glass windows and brightly polished brass, an enchanting environment.

My name is Damian Lewis; I grew up there, psychologically.
I grew up in New York City, and in Boston. I had just finished five exhausting years at Boston College in pursue of a degree in physics and hydraulics, to wrap it up at Boston University as a hydraulics engineer.
My father was one, and he’d made a good living and visited many countries thanks to it.

He’d spend long months in Buenos Aires on business. He’d met my mother there, they fell in love, he brought her back to New York, married her and two years later yours truly came into existence. That was twenty-three years earlier.

They traveled frequently to Buenos Aires on business and for mother’s family reunions.

I’d spent almost every school break and summer there and learned to speak Castilian, the sweet Spanish dialect spoken in that mesmerizing, fascinating, never sleeping city like a Native.

After my eight birthday I began to travel alone and spent my summers at Beatrice’s apartment. Beatrice was my mother’s younger sister.

Beatrice was a true Buenos Aires woman, she was a classy, soft spoken business woman, and even at the early stages of my life I knew that she was beautiful. She lived with her daughter Katie, my cousin three years older than me.
They were two gorgeous China dolls.

Beatrice was a woman whom took detailed pride in her appearance.
She exercised every morning, ate hearty but healthy food and spent nearly two hours in front of a mirror before taking me to a cartoon marathon at a local movie-theater, paraded me around all the most glamorous and expensive Paris-style restaurants, or took me for endless rides on the old-fashioned street cars which crisscrossed the amazing city.

As I grew older, the entertainment changed, her routine remained, but my feelings for her grew different.
She loved me and I loved her, deeply, and she became the most important person in my life, with Katie a close runner up.

I hadn’t seen her since I turned eighteen, five years earlier, when I started college. Weekly letters and phone calls kept the relationship alive the first three years, but the last two years at BC made it almost impossible to find the time.

Academic requirements and the football program at Boston College were exhausting; I needed the remaining time to fall into a comatose, much needed sleep.
I’d graduated a month earlier and there I was, in magnificent Buenos Aires, on Calle Florida.

My beautiful aunt Beatrice and her daughter Katie lived in a condo-style apartment on that street, number five-seventy-five, fifth floor, just two blocks down.
I entered the flamboyant lobby, presented my passport to the guard, signed the guest book and took the fancy stainless steel elevator to the fifth floor.

An electric feeling shot through my body as I left the elevator and stood in front of apartment B.
The melodious two tone ring of the bell brought back pleasant memories. The door opened almost instantly.

Beatrice stood in the doorway looking stunning in a dark blue silk robe which covered her whole body but failed to conceal her sensual curves.

Her hair was loose, cascading freely over her narrow shoulders framing her slightly tanned, beautiful face.
She looked older, I thought with some regret, but so did I.

I’d grown two inches taller and gained almost thirty ponds of raw muscle playing middle linebacker for the BC. Eagles and I looked at her with very different eyes.
She snapped out of her astonishment, took two steps and wrapped her arms around my neck tightly enough to snap it.

I’d missed them enormously, mostly her, and the genuineness of her reaction and the closeness of her strong and well-formed body awoke feelings I suspected I had for her, but hadn’t fully expected, after all, she was forty-five and I was twenty-three.

I put my arms around her waist and squeezed her almost as tightly as she did expecting her to let go and stand back, but she didn’t, she pressed harder and her lips kissed my cheek and began to follow the contours of my face.

I felt somewhat confused but enjoyed the feeling, knowing that, sadly, it would end soon.
It didn’t.

I let my hands move slowly up and down her back feeling her naked body under that thin silk robe.
I also noticed with some trepidation that I was beginning to get hard and I tried to back off, just enough, but she held me tight making it impossible to hide what was by then a full erection.

I thought I felt her slender body shift slightly to allow the erection to touch a different spot. And then my doubts were erased when her soft, luscious lips grazed mine, two, three times until they just remained there, lightly touching them.

No sense fighting it anymore, I thought with some embarrassment while her tongue softly touched my lips as if probing, to assure herself that we were on the same page.
We were.
Our lips pressed together and our tongues rolled around each other erotically, sensually, while our bodies trembled with the anticipation for what was to come.

The spontaneity of her actions reassured me of her intentions.
That emotion couldn’t have been planned. She hadn’t seen me in five years, hadn’t heard from me in the last two, and had no way of knowing that I’d be there that day.

We were still partly in the doorway, so she backed slowly into the apartment pulling me in with her.
Without fully releasing me, she used her left arm to shove the door shut and put her arm back around my neck in one fluid motion.

I relaxed slightly and let my hands slide down to her buttocks. Through her robe, I could feel the tightness of her soft but muscular flesh.
The robe had a small nylon zipper from the collar, down the sleeve all the way to her wrist.

She unzipped it with fluid grace and the robe slowly slid down to the carpeted floor leaving her totally naked.
I was amazed at her youthful appearance; she looked twenty years younger than she was.

Her body was much like an Argentine Tango dancer, short muscular legs ending in a round pair of steel-like buns, muscular torso and long strong arms. Her breasts were small
but soft with hard dark brown nipples.

Her dark brown thick, silky hair, which had begun showing streaks of ashy gray, cascaded freely and sensuously over her narrow shoulders, framing her strong face, making her look positively dazzling.
I didn’t need a great effort to get past our age difference.

She was one of the most beautiful and alluring creatures I’d seen in my life.
When our lips slowly separated after almost an hour of soft kissing and touching, to my utter discontent, since I’d never had such soft, tender and passionate love making before, Beatrice took a step back and looked into my eyes.

Her amazingly beautiful glinting aquamarine eyes seemed to bore straight into my soul and made me shake inwardly.
I needed all my strength to conceal my immaturity and fumbling incompetence.

I felt like a small child, an apprentice.
Beatrice was my teacher, my living Kama Sutra.
Her gaze was loving and questioning, friendly and somewhat concerned.

I bent down slightly and kissed her soft, thick, moist lips once more, and as if just then her mind was made up, she took my hand and we walked from the dimly lit living room into the dark bedroom.

Time after time Beatrice took us both to the verge of ecstasy, only to change pace and slow us down and start again, repeating the erotic crescendo until our ultimate, delirious climax.

Behind closed eyelids I saw fiery explosions, erupting volcanoes and oceans of burning lava sliding down the mountainsides and the whole planet exploding in a bright gargantuan fireball.

The front door suddenly opened and Katie, Beatrice twenty-six year old daughter, my gorgeous cousin, walked into the apartment, across the living room and through the open bedroom door.

“Wow Mom, don’t you think he’s a little young for you?”
Beatrice didn’t answer; she just smiled and held my hand, encouragingly.

“Hi Dee, you look nice, and bigger,” Katie said to an utterly embarrassed little boy, smiling and shedding her black high heel shoes.

“Hi Katie,” I managed out of a partly constricted throat.
When the door opened, I’d managed to pull the sheet over our naked bodies trying uselessly to conceal the obvious.

Beatrice, enjoying the encounter, pulled the sheet down revealing my upper body and remained silent.
Katie removed her waist long, black leather jacket and threw it on the floor.

While I was utterly confused and embarrassed, she unzipped her short brown leather skirt and allowed it to slide down to the floor next to the jacket.

“What are you doing?” I asked stupidly, hopeful that she was doing what I was thinking.
“Joining you.” She answered naturally, flashing her blinding white smile and unbuttoning her white satin blouse.

The blank, moronic look on my face must’ve been her clue to say; “You’re a big boy, Dee, what do adults who love each other do in bed?”

Without waiting for a reply, she dropped the blouse next to the rest of her clothes and, wearing only her white cotton panties and black bra, revealing a petite but succulently delicious body, approached the bed, ran her fingertips over my chest and said; “Ohh, is this what football does to men?” and to top my rapidly growing euphoria, she pulled the sheet up to reveal my lower body and said; “Uuhh, that’s nice too.” And strolled into the bathroom.

Beatrice had been holding my hand all along, and when I looked at her she smiled that outrageously beautiful smile at me and said; “Are you so surprised babe, we’re adults and we have been in love with you for a long time after all.”

“But she’s your daughter,” I blurted out childishly.
“And you’re my nephew, twenty-three and I’m your aunt, forty-five, and that makes her your cousin, and love is what it is. We’re not playing a game here Dee, I’ve loved you for a long time and so has she. From the time you were eight.”

“Do you remember the suitcase?”
“The auction?”
We went to a special auction, when I was eight, where people with a dying or endangered businesses auctioned them to people with enough funds to revive them. People whose businesses needed a money infusion.

Some sold them outright and others found investors willing to take the chance.
I was a kid and couldn’t care less about the auction, but Beatrice did, and Katie, then eleven years old was there like me, for the fun.

Somebody lost a briefcase in the parking lot, which I found.
It contained legal documents, some mementos and two hundred and three thousand dollars in cash.
I stashed it under the back seat of Beatrice’s car and set out to figure out what to do.
“Yes, vividly.” I replied trying to travel back in time to my early life.

I had walked up on the stage to announce that I had found it, without revealing any details.
Beatrice had told me to do what I thought was right, and that she knew that I would.
Katie had told me to keep it so we could go party.

It had taken me almost an hour to decide.
A young man came to me, in front of many people and said it was his.

I asked him to describe something distinctive about its contents.
He did.
Almost in tears, he described in detail, among other things, a small pin with a hospital logo attached to a small blue ribbon, a prize that his daughter had won at a hospital benefit.

I returned the bag with his life savings and became the hero of the minute. There was an ovation of applause and cheers, but I couldn’t clearly understand the importance of my actions.

“You and Katie hugged me and kissed me like I was something out of this world.” I said almost laughing.
“You were.”
Beatrice had tears in her eyes.

“I watched you grow into a man of honor and integrity, honesty and unending respect for other people. These are qualities impossible to find, anywhere.
Some narrow minded people might think that I’m a degenerate loving you in this fashion, but I’m not on this planet to impress them.

People, en-masse, are too immature to think of love outside the narrow realms of their limited imaginations, and for that reason, they throw away possibilities for better love lives and sexual understanding.

I waited for you all these years to become a man, so did Katie. And here we are.”
I was completely lost for words, so I hugged her striking naked body.

Katie came out of the bathroom toweling her short, wet hair, dropped the towel on the floor and jumped in bed next to me.
One beautiful woman on each side, I thought, what a dream.
I was still confused about the love part of the trio, so I bluntly asked.

“I don’t want to sound overly stupid,” I said softly trying to word it right, “The three of us love each other and have sex and enjoy the moment, then what?”

“Sometimes people complicate the most basic and simple things, beautiful,” said Beatrice propping herself on an elbow and planting a wet and warm kiss on my lips.

“If you knew two women whom didn’t know about each other, could you love them both with the same intensity and commitment?”
“Yes.” I answered without much thought, “but it would be terribly unfair to both of them.”

“Ok,” said Katie taking over, “What if they knew, like us, and agreed to the relationship.”
“That’s a loaded question Katie.”
“Yes,” said Beatrice, “But it’s a valid question.”

Beatrice kept nudging my neck with her pretty, button shaped nose, while Katie had nested her head on my chest and ran her fingers over my stomach making it very difficult to think straight.

“I think I could, but I don’t think I could take it if you had somebody else. Sorry to be one sided,” I answered still trying to make sense of it all and to be honest at the same time.

“Completely honest,” said Beatrice next to my ear, but loud enough for Katie to hear also, “Just like your father. I should have married him instead of stepping aside for my worthless sister.”

”But then you would’ve been my mother and Katie my sister, and this most beautiful love triangle would had never happened.”

I didn’t want to dwell on the implication of Beatrice’s last revealing remark and wanted to defuse a conversation growing overly complex.
I wanted more love-making with those two amazingly pretty women; there would be time later to investigate ancient love affairs.

Beatrice looked into my eyes, said, “Don’t be so sure,” and started to laugh, Katie joined in, and I finally relaxed enough to laugh, a little.

Katie suddenly straddled me and started to kiss me while Beatrice held me tightly, and the most sensual and erotic night of my life became even better.

Morning came faster that I’d wanted, and Beatrice got up first, showered and went into the kitchen to start coffee.
Katie snuggled up into my chest and hugged me like it was the last time, then she too, kissed me and went for her shower.

A few minutes later she followed Beatrice, I imitated them and entered the kitchen to find them wearing oversized t-shirts over their magnificent nakedness, sipping their coffee and silently staring at each other with a hint of a smile on their lips.

I got my own coffee and sat at the small kitchen marble top table next to Beatrice, feeling exhilarated but somewhat apprehensive. The night had been exquisitely scrumptious, but odd.

As if reading my thoughts, Katie leaned across the narrow table and kissed me softly on the lips, and Beatrice, next to me hugged me and kissed me equally, dissolving most of my doubts.

“How do you feel?” Asked Beatrice still holding me.
“Absolutely ecstatic, and madly in love with you, both.”
I answered with more euphoria than I had intended.
“But now that the fantastic maiden voyage has ended, what do we do with the rest of our lives. I’m happy but slightly overwhelmed.”

I felt more than slightly and somewhat scared of the future. I knew deep in my heart that I wanted and loved them both, but in the world we live, that kind of relationship was a little unorthodox, and to live like that would create a constant challenge, for which right then I felt ready.

“Good.” Was Katie’s instant reaction.
“That means that you’re serious about this seriously weird triangle. I can just see the headlines, Mother and Daughter Seduce young Nephew.” Put in Beatrice giving me a bright smile.

“We’ve thought about this for a long time, Damian.” She continued seriously, “But we know this is new and probably shocking to you. We didn’t plan this, this way; it was just an accident, a nice one, but an accident anyway. Give it some time, think about it. You don’t need to decide right away. It is indeed a strange proposition.”

“There’s very little for me to decide,” I said for the first time feeling confident.
“I have also loved you both for a long time, and even though I didn’t expect anything like this, I welcome it, all of it, and I don’t regret a single second of it.”

“You know,” Said Katie pensively.
“There are people out there, in the streets, killing each other daily, over trivialities, and it’s somehow accepted by society as a normal part of human behavior. But if they get a whiff of this love relationship, they’ll just put us in a cage and parade us in front of a shocked, unbelieving, enraged multitude.”

We all laughed heartily at Katie’s wisdom, and the atmosphere in the tiny kitchen lightened up enormously.
These two women were the kind for which men would search all their lives, but most of them never find. Beatrice and Katie were funny, romantic, loving, caring, intelligent and mostly, open minded enough to be patient to live as they liked.

Of course, at twenty-three years of age, my life was taking a fast turn for the dramatically bizarre, thoroughly enjoyable bizarre.

For the next three weeks we lived our lives as normal as our strange lives could be.
Beatrice took care of her business; she had a small advertising agency/modeling studio, where both she and Katie posed for commercial adverts, amid many other beautiful boys and girls.

They conned me into posing for one, which I reluctantly did, instantly disliked, and ran away scared after the first shoot.

I drove them around in Beatrice’s classic 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL convertible, enjoyed it to the utmost, went for fancy dinners, movies, long rides in the country and the most incredible and shameless sex of my whole young life.

One night, the three of us sat at Restaurante Pedemonte, on Calle Sarmiento, one of the oldest and classiest Italian restaurants in town, having a great time, as usual.

Suddenly Beatrice started to turn pale and complained of dizziness and a killer headache.
Two minutes later she fainted and had to be taken to the hospital, less that a mile away.

She had had a massive aneurysm and had died along the way.
I had never felt a sense of loss of that magnitude and walked around in front of the hospital in a trance-like state, where Katie found me and tried to calm me down.

She was as distraught as I, and her doctor, after assessing our condition, gave us a massive dose of sedatives, put us in an ambulance and sent us home, with a nurse to supervise us.

We made it through that night, and the next few days. We let others take care of funeral arrangements but hovered close to oversee. At the cemetery, Katie and I stayed away from everybody and held each other constantly. My parents were there.

My mother was enraged that I was romantically involved with my cousin Katie, but my father was delighted. My mother avoided us, my father came to us.

My father, Raynard Lewis, was a serious man of honor and integrity, whom had the ability to simplify the world’s complexities with unerring compassion.

“Hi son, Katie,” Said my father genuinely concerned and hugged and kissed us both.
“Are you kids OK?”, he asked with a trembling voice.
“Been better Pop,”
“OK. Uncle Ray,” answer Katie and hugged him fiercely, I joined them.

We all cried.
“She loved you Pop,” I mumbled in his ear, half hurting half enraged at life’s ironic unfairness. Katie looked up at me, her eyes questioning.

“I know son,” answered my father with two fat tears rolling down his tanned, leathery cheeks.
“You live with the choices you make. I made the wrong choice.”

I looked at him speechless as did Katie.
“Did you……?” I left it unfinished since I didn’t know what to say.
“No. But sometimes I think I should have. I guess I’ll never know.” Said my father looking at his own shoes and shaking his head.

“But I’m very happy that you had the chance.”
“You know?” I asked him, my face turning beet red.
“I knew long ago that it would happen someday. Seeing you and Katie together makes it somehow obvious, to me. Beatrice was a remarkable, but highly eccentric woman.”

“And you don’t mind?” I asked hesitant.
“No, not really. She never did anything while you were a child, I would’ve known. Now you’re a grown man. Whether I mind or not is irrelevant. All I know is that your love is real, so was hers. I’m glad all of you shared it. Love is not a game. It was here before man itself. It is a force seldom understood by normal people. Don’t let religious freaks or political zealots dictate it. Share it in any way you want, but take it very seriously.”

Then he turned to leave while Katie and I looked at each other dumbfounded, but he turned back to face us once again.
“You two, love each other with everything you’ve got. We go around this life only once. No time for mistakes or bad decisions.”

He looked at me next.
“Finish your studies, graduate, make a good life for both of you, and control your future. Never let other people bully you into things of which you’re not sure.”
He looked into Katie’s emerald green eyes.

“Get married or live together, it doesn’t really matter, what matters is the commitment, it comes from inside, directly from the heart and from the mind, unblemished, the legalities are man made religious and political games.”

He put one hand on my face and the other on Katie’s and told us; “I love you both enormously, come see me, please, you will always be welcome in our house. I’ll see you soon.”

He turned on his heels and walked slowly to the limousine in which my mother waited in furious impatience.
Katie looked at me with those aquamarine eyes, held my face in her small, delicate hands and asked; “Dee, do you really want me, after all, I am your cousin.”

My mouth opened and my lips moved, but no sound came out, so I kissed her until we couldn’t breathe anymore.
Two hundred eyes watched.
Only two mattered. My father’s eyes.

“I love you Katie and I’ll be with you until the end of time.”

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