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by charmy
Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #1694769
countinued from part 2
                              The Lost Treasure Of The Rangers part 3 ( or issue 3)

                                    Written by Charmy  Based on actual Navy stuff

        The captain walked Gosalyin, the book worm, and her brother Bernard, the mute tyke, to their cabin on the ship. "Here it is, Cabin 77-09660518&65%44#@344@yaoo.co9099)9*77>,.,/'; ;'.';[][][''-ki." Said the Captain. "Or in other words, your room!"  Gosalyin, thanked the Captain, and she and her little brother headed into the cabin to rest. "Slakers" sain the Captain under his breath.  [ you may boo him now]

Gosalyin stayed up and looked closely at the map. She noticed something on the guide lines of the map. (You know, those lines that lead up to the X) There was alot of *s and -s

this could only mean one thing, MORSE CODE. What is Morse code? It's perhaps the most usefull and most easiest to learn code of all time. It could save your life just by using a flashlight or a flag or a series of *s and -s. She looked up chapter 22 in her, "Book of everything", and deciphered the code. It reads,


"  Uncover this treasure and your future will change for ever. The treasure is located between a rock and a hard place, literaly. When you find that place, pull the statue's finger and the treasure will be revealed. Good luck to you Gosalyin."

Gosalyin thought to herself, "How does he know my name, and what does he mean by pull the statue's finger?" She pondered for awhile. But then she desided to think more in the morning. She tried to sleep, but she had heard foot steps outside her cabin, "This is getting really creepy." she said in silence. She stayed awake untill the foot steps stopped and slowly feel asleep.

In the morning, She and Bernard stood at the front of the ship and pondered the message of the map. Capatin Culdesac announced that they were about two hours away from the location the map directs them to. Gosalyin turned to her brother and said, " Bernnie, could you get me a glass of soda pop?" Bernard nodded anf fetched to get her a drink.

As Bernard returned with two colas, he again saw the mysterious fighure that he saw on the day they boarded the ship. He decided to investigate this and end these shinnanigans.

" ACK!!", he screamed, which probably meant, "Hey jerk! Stop right where you are!!!"

Once he heard this, the shadowy figure ran off. Bernard chased him through the corridors, up the stair, down the stairs, through air vents...Jeez! He should'ent be the mute tyke he should be , "The man of action!". Gosalyin was wondering where her little brother went.

She went out to look for him, when she did find him, he was i hot persute of the shadowy person." Bennie what are you doing?!?" she screamed. " VROOM!!" he reponded, which probably meant, " Help me chase this sonoffa&*(*(U*(% down!" Knowing her little brotheris incromprehenssable shrieiks, she two chased this man. ( Best played with the Duel of Fates remix song. Google it). she and her brother finally had him conered, and just when they were about to interigate him, "ALL CREW AND GUEST REPORT TO THE MAIN DECK! DESTIONATION HO!, I REPEAT, DESTINATION HO!!" This had Gos and Bernnie tuned away from the man, and when they turned back to see him, he was gone.....Drat!............

  End of part 3.....

To be continued..........
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