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by R.H.N
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a story written for a challenge please note that all the characters are fictional.
Legger was a senior officer in the Earth protection service; she was one of the strongest and most reliable officers I’ve ever seen. I only had the honor to meet her once in her office.

“RHMN, now you have completed all your training and tests. I believe that this is time for you to have a captain.” Legger gazed at me with her neck all up, and her eyes sparkling and staring directly into my eyes. She pointed at a huge man with white hair and long beard.

“This is Captain Asher, he will be your captain until further notice, and I think you are the perfect android for that job. RHMN.” 

I saluted my new captain, took one step forward. “I am at your service Captain Asher.”

“I think now captain you can start working on your new mission” Legger handed Asher some documents.

“Yes, ma’am” Asher saluted her and signaled me to start moving towards the exit.

Asher and I went out of Leger’s office; Asher directed me to his starship. It was huge and shiny, it had it's cannons huge coming out from all sides, when we entered inside I realized how comfortable and big it is from inside as if I was in a huge villa with its playgrounds.

“Now, you can modify the systems of the ship and customize them to your systems, RHMN.”  Asher went to the command deck while I finish scanning and programming his ship to accept me as its new avatar.

The microphones of the ship w open, I was able to hear Asher calling for his crew, “All crew members report to command” then I heard lots of noisy footsteps running through the corridors.

“RHMN, report to command” Asher yelled in the microphones of the command deck. I opened the screens of the command deck, and went there to see what’s going on. I hope it’s not a drill like always, I kept running I would love some real action; I am a war ship now. Finally I reached to the command deck to find out that Asher’s crew only consists of just four people.

“I would love to introduce the new avatar of this ship, RHMN.” Asher gestured.

I gave a slight smile and looked around. Then a voice came out from a young green looking girl.

“Choc stop was a lot better than her.” She opened her wide eyes and looked at me, wrinkles appeared on her forehead.

“Well, choc stop isn’t here now, is he? Then we better get used to this new robot in here.” a Canadian blonde woman stared at the green lady.

“I should get used to that my finest work choc stop is not here anymore,” said a man in his mid thirties, his face looked yellow and he turned his face towards the floor.

“RHMN, this is my crew.” Asher pointed at them.

I gazed at each and everyone carefully then Asher pointed at the green girl and said, “Well this is my youngest member of my crew, Zoe, she can see the possible futures and warn us and sometimes help us to make the right decisions.”

Then Asher pointed at the Canadian woman and said, “this is the pilot of the ship, Mystic writer, she is always sharp, and saved us a lot on many dangerous trips before.”

Then Asher gestured at the last one and said, “This is my best friend and favorite engineer of all times, his name is Dr. Boris.”

I gazed at Dr. Boris puzzled examining his clothes, “an engineer and Dr. Boris”

“Well, I fix people like you so to you I am a doctor, to them I am an engineer” explained Boris

“Ah, I see” I nodded don’t they need a doctor too?

A man came in calmly and cold.

“You are late Mr. Red” Asher’s face turned red and his eyes widened.

“Was sleeping ash” Red yawned and looked around the room. “Who is the new girl?” Red checked his clothes.

“No, she is an android Red. Don’t get your hopes up.” Dr. Boris laughed. “She is mine,”

“Oh, too bad” Red sighed and then turned to Asher, “you called for me?”

“Yes I wanted to introduce RHMN to the whole crew.” Asher touched his beard and gazed at Red.

“RHMN, is that even a name?” Red said with a loud voice.

“She is an android. What did you expect?” Zoe whispered 

“My hearing is fine, Zoe.” I widened my eyes and gazed at her.

Zoe ran behind Asher, hiding; I followed her with my eyes.

“I think now you know my crew RHMN.” Asher paused, “go with Dr. Boris to show you the rest of the ship.”

“I’m sorry captain, but I can sense someone in one of the lower decks.” I stared at Asher, “is there someone there, or should I activate the internal defense systems.”

“No, need for violence, he is one of the prisoners we freed from planet Zion.”

“Zion, the prison planet?!” I exclaimed

Asher pointed at Red, “Yes, our defense officer, Red is the one who brought him here.”

“C’mon ash, he is useful.” Red gestured.

“I don’t need slaves Red.” Asher narrowed his eyes.

“Gary is not a slave Ash; he is as free as anyone in here.”

“Don’t forget he used to be a drug dealer before being a prisoner.” Mystic showed her disagreement about Gary.

“I can see that Gary is going to be a great help for us in the future.” Zoe said, coming out from Asher’s shadow.

Asher directed his eyes towards Dr. Boris. “Just show RHMN, everything on the ship, I want her to be familiar with everything here.”

I went with Dr. Boris leaving the arguments about Gary to meet him myself.

“So, what generation are you RHMN?” Dr. Boris asked while we were on the way to the lower decks.

“I am one of a kind Dr. Boris, I’m an android designed to control all kinds of starships.” I said showing off my skills, and automatically opened the screens of the corridor.

“Well as you see this is not just any starship, it’s a war one. I helped in some of its mechanics in the old days, got to admit it was as nothing that I have seen before.” He said right before he open the door of the lower deck.

I saw lots of storage rooms, and the room at the end that has a door full of steel bars, it wasn’t closed nor open. I could feel one person inside but I couldn’t see him.

Dr. Boris pointed at the room, “here is Gary, the one you felt on the ship’s lower decks.”

I took a look around and opened the bar door.

“No, don’t.” Dr. Boris yelled.

Gary appeared, “what Boris? Afraid of me?” he looked at me curious.

“Who’s the girl? Treatment for prisoners?” he said sarcastically. 

Gary tried to touch my arm, but I slammed him down, making him fall on the ground. “She is stronger than she looks!”

“She is an android.” Boris said with a slight smile on his face.

“That explains it.” Gary helped himself up and laid on his bed that was in the corner of the room, “so what do you want now.”

“Nothing I was just showing her the lower deck.” He turned around and gazed at me, “we better leave now.” He whispered.

“Well, I think we are done here, Mr. Gary.” I said and I was about leave. When Gary interrupted, “What didn’t you like the place in here?” Gary said laughing sarcastically.

I gazed at Gary, “I prefer it on the command deck, and you should come up sometime.” I narrowed my eyes and licked my lips.

“I think that your friend here won’t let me.” Gary got out of bed and went close to the door.

“No, he won’t I insist.” I gave him a sharp gaze.

Boris stared at me, “what are you doing? Asher will never agree.” He sighed and put his hand on his face.

“Trust me” I whispered to Boris. “It will be fine.”

“Ah, Boris, don’t worry I don’t bite.” Gary laughed.

I accompanied both men to Asher’s quarters. He was sitting on his desk when we entered.  “I thought you were just going to see the lower deck RHMN.” He paused, “not to bring him here.” He pointed at Gary.

“I thought it would be better for him to be with us, before he break down the whole ship trying to get out.” I gazed at Asher.

“Break down the ship?!” Asher widened his eyes, and stared directly at Gary.

“He tried to make a hole in the ship, which will cause us to stay here till Dr. Boris fixes it.” I said

“Well I thought I could free myself before going to another planet.” Gary gazed at the floor and sighed.

Asher turned his eyes towards Boris.

“Consider it done.” Boris left the room and went directly to the lower deck.

“Help him.” Asher gazed at me; I directed my eyes towards Gary.

“It’s an order from your Captain.” Asher shouted.

I left the room, followed Boris, when I heard Mystic and Zoe gossiping, in Mystic’s quarters.

“What do you think about the new android?” Zoe asked.

“You miss Mark, don’t you?” I was able to feel a smirk from Mystic.

“Mark was friendly, he allowed us to call him names like choc and stop, and he made us laugh.” She paused, “I miss him.”

“Oh, you are so young, he was just an android.” Mystic voice sounded strange.

“That woman RHMN, she is scarring the hell out of me.” Zoe’s voice trembled

I peaked inside and saw Mystic’s slight grin, she hugged Zoe, “I know you are sorry for losing Mark he was a good guy, RHMN is just a new android, she is not going to take Mark’s place.”

Zoe’s started crying I was able to see her tears coming from her eyes, poor girl, she is lonely and no one else of her kind on board, just like me!

Mystic turned her face towards me, she narrowed her eyes, “it is a bad habit to listen to people’s private conversation.”

I raised my face to match hers, “Yes, I should leave. I have work to do.” I turned to go to the lower decks when Zoe’s tail moved towards my legs and I tripped.

She is angry.

Zoe ran directly towards me, “ops, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to….” 

“No, no, it’s ok I understand.” I paused, “I got work, excuse me.”

Zoe rushed again to stop me but this time she used her speed to stand in front of me. “Can I call you “R” ?“

“I guess.” I gazed at Zoe, I felt the wrinkles on my forehead.

Zoe put her hands in front of me and pulled my hand shook it “Now, we are friends.” Her face made a big smile and she left jumping back to Mystic.

weird creatures, do weird things.

I went to Boris and he realized that I was thinking of something. “Is there something bothering you?” he asked while he was fixing the whole.

“No, just Zoe, I think she is acting weird.” I told him the whole story of me listening to the girls’ conversation and peaking on them.

“Well, RHMN, Zoe is just a kid, her experiences are not much. So I wouldn’t take that a weird action.”

“What is it then?” I interrupted.

“Umm, Zoe was just afraid of you, but when you peaked on her and mystic, she felt that you really care and this is why you listened, so she thought you could be her friend and this is why she shook your hand. Eh… she is just a kid.” Boris signed and took the hammer.

“Who was Mark? How did he die?” I sat down on the bed; my legs weren’t reaching the floor, so I kept moving them back and forth.

“Mark was a very unique android, he never really liked to mention his age. He saved this ship and its crew a lot… and one day we were lost in space, we didn’t know where we were, Asher took Mark and Red to the nearest planet to know where we were. At that time Red saw Gary. Gary deceived them into thinking that Zion’s prisoners are treated with cruelty, more like slaves. He helped them to know where they were and to get enough supplies for the ship to get out of Zion.”

“How did Gary got inside the ship?” I asked with anxiety.

“Well, Red knew that he was a drug dealer, but he allowed him to slip into the ship after informing Ash about his existence.”

“Ash agreed on this?” I interrupted.

“no, but Red convinced him, telling him that Gary got his own connection with the con world, he will be more useful in helping capturing criminals than in prison doing his time.” Boris paused and gazed at me, “but off course Asher’s leaders don’t know about Gary”

“Then how did Mark die?”

“Um, while we were moving away from Zion the soldier’s recognized the missing prisoner, before they inform their leaders, they attacked us. Mark was an android so he was able to kill them all but he wasn’t that quick so they captured him, Gary reacted quickly to protect himself so he shot Mark using an electric gun, something to shut off all his electronic systems, it erases the programming and makes the robot like a piece of junk.” Boris’s lips went down and showed sadness on his face. “He was one of my finest works!”

“Is that why Gary was kept in the lower decks?”

“Yes, Asher had to keep him away from the rest of the crew.” He paused, started to work again, “Asher had to protect his reputation, that’s why he didn’t inform Legger about having a prisoner from Zion on his ship.”

“Yeah, Legger might fire him if she knew.” A light smile appeared on my face.

Boris pointed at the hole that used to be there and smiled. “I bet you can’t even know that it’s there.”

I put my hands on the place of the hole, well, the boundaries of the hole are still there, but this is the best he could do now.

“It’s great Boris, good as new.” I lied.

“Let’s go then shall we?” Boris offered, I put my arms around his and went back to Asher.

“Oh, I didn’t realize that putting you together in the same room would cause your relationship to change.” Asher laughed.

Boris removed my arm from his and gazed at Ash, “No, no it’s nothing of that kind, I still love my fiancée.” Boris’s face turned red

I put my hands behind my back. “We are just here to tell you that we are ready to go to our next mission. The ship is fixed.”

“Then, we are ready to go.” Asher rubbed his hands together and smiled.

“To where?”  Boris gestured.

“To meet an old friend of mine.”  He paused, “Get Mystic and give her these coordinates.” Asher gave me coordinates and I called Mystic through the microphones of the ship.

“Who?”  Gary’s face turned yellow.

“None of your business.” Asher yelled.

Few minutes later Mystic came, Asher showed her the coordinates, she grabbed the coordinates from Asher’s hands.” But the coordinates are faraway and not safe.”

“That’s why we have the best pilot in the universe.” Asher smiled to Mystic.

She raised her head up high. “I can get you there in less than a day.”

“No, we are not in a hurry. Mystic, take your time.” Asher gazed at her from the corner of his eyes.

Mystic moved her neck and stared at the floor.

Asher ordered, “Open the microphones, and order everybody to come directly to the command deck.”

I did as I was asked, then we all moved to the command deck. Asher gazed at everyone around and stared at Gary.

“It’s time for us to leave this place now and go visit a friend of mine, Rich, we are going to send him back to earth with us.”

Zoe smiled, jumped twice, “yay.” She clapped her hands, “who is Rich?”

“Probably our new mission.” Red gazed at Zoe.

“Not really Red, he is an old friend of mine who we should send to Legger.” Asher touched his beard.

“Why?” Red asked.

“Because, he is retiring, and to get his medal of honor from Legger.”

“The medal of honor?” Zoe asked as she moved the end of her tail up to her mouth.

“It’s a gift the Captain’s and soldier’s gain after the end of their service.” I answered.

“Fine then let’s go.” Mystic played with her blond hair a little, jumped in the pilot seat, then rubbed her hands together, blew in them and held the control sticks of the ship.

We all felt the impact of moving and leaving the place we were in, Mystic kept her speed above the average speed, Asher’s face wrinkled and he put his fist near his mouth, kept his eyes on Mystic. Red left to sleep, Zoe’s body was weak, once we started our trip, Zoe kept falling on the ground.

“Send her to the med deck, Boris.” Asher pointed at Zoe, “Go with them RHMN.”

Boris and I carried Zoe to med deck, she kept vomiting and puking all around the place.

“What’s wrong with her?” I turned my face towards Boris and then towards her.

“Nothing she just cannot tolerate the speed of the ship.”

Zoe finally slept, or fainted I was unable to know the difference, then Boris signaled me with his head, “We should leave her to rest.” He whispered.

The two of us went back to the command deck.

“How’s she?” Asher asked nervously.

“She is resting right now.” Boris answered.

“Where are we now?” I moved towards Mystic.

“We are half the way down.” Mystic put a big smile on her face and glanced at me, then back on the road.

“I think that’s enough for now Mystic.” Asher moved and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Um okay, I will be back in half an hour.” Mystic jumped off her chair, “I will be in the med deck checking on Zoe.”

Gary left right behind her. Asher turned to me, “How long should it take us to reach to Rich?”

I crossed my hands in front of me looked him in the eye, “Not long with that speed, about twenty more hours.”

“That’s fast.” Asher gestured with his hands.

“Very fast even for Mystic.” Boris commented.

Few minutes later Mystic came in, she jumped back at her pilot chair grabbed the sticks, “RHMN, full speed please.”

“I thought you said half an hour Mysty.” Asher gazed at his watch.

“I can get you there now.” She put on her seat belt, “let’s go, shall we.”

I gazed at Asher, he nodded. I granted her access to piloting program of the ship and we started again.

The impact of the start was stronger than the last one. Boris moved to med deck, “I am going to check on Zoe.” He said while leaving. I went to check on her with him.

In the med deck we found Gary, Zoe was still sleeping. Gary was arranging some of the meds and putting them in the cupboard.

“What are you doing?” Boris yelled at him.

“Nothing. During the impact the cupboards opened, so I was just closing them.” Gary rolled his eyes and left the med Deck.

Suddenly the ship stopped some of the cupboards of the ship opened and the med’s glasses fell on me. Boris moved his iris towards me, “What’s going on?”

I connected myself with the ship, “we are stuck between two suns and behind us there is a black hole.”

Boris realized that the glass fell on me; he was able to see some blood on my body. “Are you bleeding?”

I looked at my arms where the glass fell, “Apparently I am.”

“How could you? You are an android!” Boris ran towards me.

“Not totally an android I got a human heart that runs my whole system.” I put my hands on the wound.

“You used to be a human?” Boris raised his eye brows.

“No, no, the heart belonged to a dead girl in Egypt, from planet earth, she donated her heart to technology, then they put it into me to fuel me instead of batteries, kinetic energy changing to electric energy.”

“How did they keep the heart alive then?” he started to heal my wounds, but realized that the blood stopped and my body healed itself.

“That girl’s heart was unique; it kept pumping even after her death. Technology kept it alive in me and that’s why my liquid inside my body is blood, her type of blood.” I paused to see confusion on is face, “Don’t worry I got systems to clean that blood and make it harmless to my robotic systems.”

“So your batteries can not be drained like other robots?”

“No, my death only occurs if my heart was damaged, that’s it. My heart got a special kind of shield around it’s made of a special metal that cannot be harmed even if a nova bomb was used against it.”

Boris scratched his head. “What about your brain and other system?”

“Covered with the same material.”

“Ah I see.” Boris moved away from me and went back to Zoe.

“I will go back and check on what’s going on in the command deck.” I stood up and went to the command deck.

I was surprised to find Red awake and in the command deck, arguing with Gary and Mystic, Asher was just watching.

Red pointed at Gary, “I thought saving you from Zion was enough for you.”

I gazed at Asher and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t ask me.” Asher gestured with his hands.

“I only offered my help.” Gary pointed at Mystic.

“It was the best way to get us faster to our destination.” Mystic cried.

“Ok that’s enough what’s really going on in here?” Asher raised his voice, his eyes turned red.

He could kill someone with his anger!

“Gary gave drugs to Mystic to help her get to our destination faster.” Red gazed at Mystic, “Did you really think that would fool me, I know my little brother more than you.”

so that’s why he saved him out of Zion, Gary is Red’s brother.

“What your brother?” Mystic gazed at Asher, “Did you know about this?”

“It doesn’t matter now we are all dying, except if we found a way out of these two suns.” Red yelled at Mystic.

“I had my doubts.” Asher replied. “Just get Zoe in here; hopefully she could help us out of this mess.”

“Zoe?” Gary narrowed his eyes and curled up his lips.

I went to get Zoe from med deck, I found her up, and in her full health.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Zoe jumped twice, put her arms around me, kissed me on the cheek, “yes, R I am.” She ran to the command deck with excitement, her tail was moving showing her happiness. Boris followed her to command deck.


I followed her to command deck, Asher gazed at Zoe, “Can you get us out of this mess?”

Zoe smirked and jumped at the pilot chair, her tail curled up, “yup, I and the sun are friends.”

Does anyone know what is she talking about?

Boris realized my confusion, “Zoe is one of the creatures that gains her health from the sun, having two suns around us, made her in her full health.” He whispered in my ears.

Zoe moved the ship in the right direction and made the right angle to make the ship pass by the two suns without being burned by them.

“Lucky move, I guess.” Red smirked and gazed at Zoe.

“No, I just calculated the odds.” She opened her mouth smiling and all her teeth were visible.

“Can you keep piloting till Mystic is cured?” Asher asked.

“No, I will do it.” Red stood in front piloting chair, and gestured for her to get up.

“Fine, just send us safe there.” Asher turned around, grabbed Mystic from the arm, “Go to med deck. Right now.” He paused looked at Boris, “come with us, doc.”

Zoe jumped off her chair and Red took her place, Gary kept gazing at Zoe with confusion. She turned her face towards me, I smiled.

“You did great.” I said.

“Yeah, I know.” She blushed, then gazed at Gary and Red, “What did I miss R?” she whispered.

I told her about the argument and what happened to Mystic.

“Yeah, I saw Gary help her in doing the mixture of the drug, but I was too tired to stop them.” Her tail moved down, “I will go and check something out, R. bye.” Zoe moved out from the command deck.

she sounded serious this time.

Gary left the command deck few minutes after Zoe, I monitored Red while piloting, he was too focused his eyes never blinked. he is probably trying to focus on something else other than exposing that he is related to a criminal.

We all heard Zoe screaming from Gary’s room, Red stopped the ship, and the two of us rushed towards Zoe.

“He is trying to kill me!” she ran and hid behind Asher, who ran towards her just like us. “He stepped on my tail!” She pointed at Gary.

“That’s for putting it where it doesn’t belong.” Gary said coldly.

“What exactly happened?” Asher turned his face towards Gary.

“I came in and found her going through my stuff, so I stepped on her tail, to get her out.” He paused, “I wasn’t going to kill her.”

Asher turned to Zoe, “Is that true?”

“Yes, but…”

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Asher interrupted.

“I was just curious, because I knew that he and Red and are brothers.” She paused, “you know Red is reserved, I thought maybe I could find something here to tell us more about him.”

“So it all turned up to be about me.” Red paused, “you could have just asked me Zoe.”

“You never talk.” Zoe stuck her face close enough to Red’s.

Red stepped back away from her, Asher stared at all of us.

“RHMN, can you send us to our destination using automatic piloting?”

I took a look at the coordinates and calculated where we were, “yes, we should reach there in less than five hours. Full speed using automatic piloting.”

“Just don’t send us into a black hole, or into a sun, or an asteroid.” Gary warned.

“No, the rest of the route is safe, I checked, Zoe and Red, finished the hazard routes.” I put my hands behind my back and activated the automatic piloting.

“Now, I want some peace, so everyone to your rooms, please. RHMN, come with me.” Asher gestured with his hands, everyone did as he asked except for Zoe who kept hiding behind Asher till he reached to his quarters, she followed him there and went with him, I followed them and entered Asher’s quarters.

“Thank you, Zoe but I don’t need a body guard.” Asher turned back to look at Zoe.

“But I do.” Zoe stared at Asher then turned her face towards me.

“I am piloting.” I turned back to go to the command deck.

“No, you stay in here, I want you to transmit a message to my friend Rich.” Asher stopped me by touching my shoulder.” He turned to Zoe, “It’s a private message!” he shook his head.

Zoe left the room, and went to her room. I was left alone with Asher, opened the channel of the ship and arranged the wave length to transmit his message.

“Okay, you can start now Captain.” I said.

Asher moved forward and gazed at the camera, “Rich, it has been along time since we last met, I was ordered to send you back to your home planet, and I know that this is where you want to go after you retire. I will be there in less than five hours, we started moving once you sent to Legger and told her that you are retiring and want someone to send you to your planet, so here we are my friend.” Asher waved and signaled me to end the message.

“Message is sent Captain.” I blinked twice and gazed at Asher.

Few minutes later, we received a new message from Rich, I told Asher and he asked me to play it, “I cannot wait to get home.” This is what was in the message.

Asher ordered me to leave and give him sometime to sleep. Few hours later we reached to our destination, I opened the microphones of the ship and announced that we reached to the planet where Rich is.

Asher got up running to the command deck, “land on the starship station of that planet RHMN.”

“Done Captain.” I crossed my hands in front of me, Asher opened the exit door, “don’t allow anyone else to get out, we are leaving as soon as I get Rich.”

I stood right in front of the exit door to prevent anyone of the crew to get out just as I was ordered. Gary and Red went to the exit door, “What’s going on?" the two stared at me.

“Nothing, the Captain just wants us on the ship till he gets back.” I answered.

“Probably he doesn’t want trouble on that planet too.” Gary laughed.

“Fine, we will wait in the command deck.” Red pushed Gary in front of him and moved him towards command deck.

The exit door opened and showed both Asher and Rich behind me, I moved away allowing them to enter the ship.

“Thank you RHMN.” Said Asher.

“Ah, I can see you got a new android on board Ash.” Rich gazed at me and waved.

“Yeah, cannot run the ship without her.” Asher said with a grin.

“RHMN, gather all the crew members on command deck.” Asher ordered.

I opened the microphones of the ship and did as I was asked.

All the crew rushed in the command deck including Mystic who was suffering from after addiction crisis.

“I gathered you all Ladies and gentlemen, to introduce you to my old friend Rich.” They all gazed at him and nodded. “He used to be my leader back there in the space forces; he saved me more than once, so I expect you all to show him, respect and hostility, he is going to have your quarters Mystic until you recover from your addiction issues. And you are not going back to your quarters until Boris says you are fully recovered.” Asher voice sounded extremely serious, and his eyes widened towards both Boris and Mystic.

“I…” Mystic was about to talk,

Asher interrupted, “No. not a word Mystic.”

“b-b-but” Mystic tried to talk, but Asher put her hands on her mouth, “take her to the med deck Boris.” he paused, “and don’t listen to her.” Asher warned.

“RHMN, auto pilot till we reach to the dangerous areas and then stop and let us know.” Asher gazed at me.

“Dangerous areas, you went through the two sun paths?” Rich cried.

“Yeah, we did.” Red answered.

“Idiots, there is a shorter and safer way to go to earth.” Rich gave me the coordinates, and gazed at Asher, “call Legger and tell her we are going to get there in few hours.”

“Pilot us according to these coordinates, and open the ship’s channel from my quarters.” Asher turned his eyes towards me.

Asher went to his quarters with Rich; I followed them, opened the ship’s channel and started the automatic pilot.

“Hi Legger, I just wanted to tell you, we got Rich and we are moving towards you, in few hours and we will be there.” Asher gestured, “Over”

Few hours later we reached to our destination, the rest of the crew were sleeping in their rooms, except for Mystic and Boris were sleeping in the med deck. I was wondering around on the ship, checking the systems, until I found something weird around the planet we were going to land on.

“Please note than we reached to our destination, there is a weird creature just in front of the planet, probably an asteroid.” I announced.

The whole crew including Mystic, Rich and Boris ran towards the command deck and see the view from the ship’s screens that were found on the command deck.

Asher stared at Mystic.

“Don’t worry Ash, she is fully cured now.” Boris gazed at her.

“Glad to have you back Mysty.” Asher grinned.

There was a huge white creature in front of the planet.

“What is that?” Gary asked.

“It is one of the space creatures that feed on planets.” Zoe answered.

“Is it going to eat Earth?” Rich came closer to the screen to see the creature more clearly.

“Probably so.” Zoe answered.

The creature grabbed something from the space appeared to be an asteroid and threw it.

“Oh, mine, it’s going towards earth.” Mystic put her hands on her chest and opened her mouth.

“Not necessarily, the Asteroid could change its direction, or could be burned by the atmosphere of the planet, there are too many possibilities.” Zoe gestured, and moved her tail with delight.

Asher pointed at me, “What do you think RHMN?”

“It’s better to call Legger and warn her.” I said coldly.

“Fine do it.” Asher ordered.

I opened the channel to call Legger but it was too late the Asteroid already hit Earth and it ruined the space station there, killing everyone who was there including Legger.

I told Asher what happened and he put his hands on the table in front of the screen, leaned forward towards the screen and stared at the creature.

“We shall attack it with full strength, battle stations.” Asher ordered and gazed at the whole crew.

Mystic took her position on the piloting chair, Red took his position at the firing defense system, Zoe checked the ship’s system, and Gary and Rich stood still.

“Fire, warning shots Red.” Asher ordered.

Red fired warning shots but the creature didn’t even move.

“Move us forward Mystic.” Asher pointed at the creature.

Mystic did as she was asked, Red fired three missiles, the creature wasn’t affected and it moved forward and then we found its body opening up like a flower and then moving forward again towards us, then its body closed on us, our ship and me.

“Are we inside it?” Zoe asked.

“Apparently we are.” Gary said.

“It eats matter, any kind of matter, antimatter or anything of that kind will kill it.” Red shouted.

“Yes, if we disconnected our fuel from the ship it will poison it.” Boris said.

“That will kill us too, right?” Mystic asked.

“Not if we managed to get out before disconnecting it.” Rich answered.

“Disconnecting the fuel will cause the ship to stop moving.” Boris paused, “We are talking about disconnecting the fuel people.” Boris reminded.

“Any other ideas.” Asher asked.

“To be digested by a space creature.” Gary turned his face towards Asher.

“Not on my command kid.” Asher gazed at him.

Red opened all missile tanks and fired at the creature while we were inside. The creature didn’t move but the ship went deeper and deeper in its stomach.

“Are you crazy? You could have killed us!” Gary cried.

“Better than being digested by it.” Red replied.

“I don’t want to die.” Zoe curled up her tail and kept crying on the floor.

“Detach the anti matter from the fuel tank.” Asher ordered.

“Red, fire the nova bomb.” Asher ordered.

“What?” Rich, Red, Mystic and Boris exclaimed all in once.

“Just do it.” Asher yelled.

I detached the antimatter, Red fired the nova bomb that was on the ship, and the explosion killed everyone inside the creature and the creature itself, the ship was ruined and I was left floating in space till I landed on earth.

lucky me, not human I cannot breath, and my heart and body is protected by that metal that cannot be damaged not even by a nova bomb.

I kept grieving for my Captain and my crew, now I am out of job, the space station is ruined and all what I have to do is to pretend that I am a human to be able to live in peace among the people on earth. Killing that creature saved earth Asher knew what he was doing and saved million of people on the expense of his own crew and his life and his friend’s life.

I will always honor and cherish their memory; they were like family to me.

word count: 6155

 Trapped in Time  (13+)
A man takes a medicine that's under experiment and gets himself trapped in time
#2164970 by R.H.N
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