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by Amay
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You think you have a busy day,, try one of mine on for size
Alarm clock rings, the day starts off, shower wet then dry, brush teeth, paint the face, curl the hair another mundane day begins.

Drive to work, fix the coffee, check the email, and prepare for the day. Write the parents, fix the work, need a new schedule this one doesn’t work.

Go to the office, check the box, more issues to deal with, phone and mail, recycle that junk, here we go again.

Back to the room, this hill is too big, there’s the bell, first child comes in, and the race begins.

Second cup of coffee, notes from home, checks to the office, attendance then lessons begin. Sleepy faces, automatons depositing belongings where they belong.

Math facts, stamp game, word problems, geometry, nomenclature, who is listening, who is ready, time to see if blank stares are even there.

Reading groups, SRAs, word studies, grammar, can you hear the sound- sh- think of a word, sh, sh, sh come on you can do it. At least I hope you can.

Encourage, fuss, shake my finger, and remember to breathe, take a second, reheat the coffee and realize its only 10.

Look around, busy hands, busy minds learning things in their own time.

Check some work, and give new lessons, biology, geography wonder what it will be. Botany and the grabbing roots, charts and plants spark new thoughts.

Get a hug, see a smile, and laugh with the realization of just learned knowledge.

Oh no, what time is it? The morning is gone! Straighten up for lunch, sit in circle, wait for quiet, finally…reading. Poor Edward, the china bunny, eager eyes, listen closely, gasps of excitement, sadness follows, touching story left its meaning on each heart.

Lunch time, gather stuff, head out, cafeteria noise, throbbing motions, smells delicious, look at trays, another day of lousy choices. Lunch time ends back to the grind, two more hours and then it’s done.

Afternoon observation, head starts preps for next day’s work. Check off math, check off works, busy day starts to wind down. Still needs practice, ready to move on, each child’s needs have to be met.

Finally clean up, make the room beautiful, gather up belongings, get ready to go. Bus riders, car riders, line them up, lead them out. Thank goodness no extra duty today.

Pack up, head out, drive home to Mom’s house, greeted at the front door, bouncy pup, welcome home. Another day has come and gone.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1694791